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Friday, February 3, 2006

Blog Policies

The Flirty Guide Blog is the professional and lifestyle blog of Stacie Tamaki.


The Flirty Guide Blog is based on the opinions of Stacie Tamaki.

How can you get me to write about you?

My posts are organic in that I only write about things from my day to day life, past, and things I hopes to experience in the future.

I don't request topic suggestions and only rarely accept offers of sample products. See below for more details.

If you do contact me for Pete's sake please make sure what you're pitching has an iota of relevancy to the topics I enjoy blogging about most frequently. I'm neither a mommy blogger or a dating website so at least have the courtesy to be on topic with your requests.

Demands to be written about will guarantee you will not be written about so please don't go there.

I never host guest bloggers so please don't pitch me a request to create content about your company to post on The Flirty Blog.


The Flirty Blog does not offer pay-for-post reviews, sponsored posts, banner ads or text links in the sidebar.

Gifts and Samples

While you can send me information, samples or invitations to events, this does not guarantee I will write about your service, product or event. If I do write about your product, service or event it will be an unbiased opinion highlighting both the pros and cons of my experience.

Unsolicited Samples will be donated to, sold or auctioned to raise funds for a person in need, not for profit or non-profit organization and will not be returned.

Invitations as per professional media guidelines The Flirty Blog does not view access to a featured event as compensation. If while attending said event I receive food, beverage or gift items that exceed $25 in value I will either disclose that I attended the event by invitation, pay for the public admission fee, or donate any gift items to a charitable cause.

Personal Gifts  While the sentiment is appreciated, gifts will often not be accepted because in the eyes of some readers, they create a conflict of interest that impugns the integrity of the reviews I write. This policy is for your benefit. If I do accept a gift please know that I will disclose this in the blog post as required by the Federal Trade Commission.


Comments are moderated for content and are all individually approved. Comments that contain personal information (i.e. personal phone numbers, addresses, emails, etc.) will be modified and reposted minus the personal contact information for the safety of our readers. Comments containing urls and over self promotion as determined by the blog author will be modified with url's linking to the poster's name only.

Some modified comments will be marked as such text identical or similar to the following: This comment has been modified by the blog owner.

Comments that are Spam* off topic, contain profanity, lewdness, promote violence, hate speech or any form of discrimination will either be modified or will not be posted. (i.e. a single curse word will be reposted minus the offending word. A hate message will not be published.)

Comments that disagree with the POV of The Flirty Guide or another reader will generally be allowed so long as they are written with respectfulness towards the person you are disagreeing with.

Comments belong to their individual authors and the views expressed are not necessarily the views of The Flirty Guide or Stacie Tamaki.

*Spam Comments:

Spam is defined as including urls or company names to sites or companies that would be in direct competition with any of The Flirty Guide advertisers when no solicitation for information has been requested in the blog post.

Other wedding companies are welcome to leave comments and to include the url to their company website but only by using your first and last or your company name. Random strings of key words as your "name" will be modified.

Comments received using keywords as names will either not be published or the link will be removed.


All content on this blog (with the exception of comments and photos with attribution given to an alternate source) are copyright © 2006-2011 Stacie Tamaki. All rights reserved.

Cross posting blog content online is permissible only under the following conditions:

1. With attribution/credit to The Flirty Guide.com or The Flirty Blog.com where the content is being used (i.e. not at the end of the post or bottom of the page)

Attribution is defined as a clearly visible, text, courtesy link back to the original page the content was posted on or www.TheFlirtyBlog.com. Watermarks on photos are not sufficient.

2. A Maximum of two images and one paragraph of content from any sigle post is allowed.

3. Copying and posting an entire blog post in its entirety is prohibited.

4. No commercial use or hard copy (print) reproductions of any type without written consent.

5. If a photo's attribution (photo credit) is to another website please contact that website for permission to reuse/share/distribute their image as they are the original copyright holder.

6. The Flirty Blog loves Pinterest so pinning with attribution is not only allowed, it's appreciated!


The information on this website is for educational and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute contracted, medical or legal advice.

The Flirty Guide does link to third-party sites. We are not responsible for the content or opinions expressed on those sites.

The Flirty Guide reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.


Your support will help to make the blog my full time job allowing me to write about even more interesting topics. It will also help to keep paid banner ads, that none of us want to see, off this sidebar :)

If you're not a shopper but would like to contribute here's a nifty little Paypal Link:

I, Stacie Tamaki, reserve the right to revise or revoke any of the policies listed below at any time. Last updated 12-26-2012.

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Comments that are Spam off topic, contain profanity, lewdness, promote violence, hate speech or any form of discrimination will either be modified or will not be posted. Click Here for a detailed list of this blog's policies.

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Please do NOT post a string of keywords as your name. Comments received in this fashion will either not be published or the link will be removed. The Flirty Blog reserves the right to modify, delete or decline to publish comments that are considered to be off topic or SPAM.