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Thursday, February 23, 2006

What do I have in common with this man? Well, I can stick out my tongue...

Ok, so I'm no Einstein. For the past three months my television has been functioning from a visual standpoint but the audio feature was sadly lacking from several key stations, or sometimes there was audio but it was in Spanish. I do not speak Spanish. Some stations I received the audio for commercials but none of the programs.

Well yesterday I was talking to my friend Jewel and mentioned to her that I had not been watching the Olympics as the audio didn't work on that station or several others for that matter.

"Oh" she exclaimed, "look at your remote control and hit the SAP button." The what-a-what button? I asked as I began hitting and clicking every button on my remote... And there it was, nestled right between the return button and channel 4... My "Menu/SAP" button. I clicked on it and was instructed by my genius friend to then click on the "stereo" option and.... VOILA! I had audio on all of my stations once again.
Brilliant. For 3 months I have been missing some of my favorite programs because late one night in a sleepy haze I must have inadvertently clicked that darn button! Please keep in mind that this tv is so old I just figured it had finally started to break down. All in all it's still a great tv, good picture quality, a big screen, and it has cool speakers that stick out of the sides.

As I said at the beginning of this post... I can stick out my tongue.

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