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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I hope I don't get rabies

So I was visiting a friend at her office when she suddenly noticed an 8" long Northwestern Alligator lizard running across the floor.

Being a lover of all creatures, except for fleas and mosquitoes, I immediately announced we needed to catch and release him or her so that the lizard could go on to live a full and rich life, until it was run over by a car or eaten by a cat or a bird. So after chasing it around a bit, and being careful not to grab it by the tail, lizards tails usually break off to help them elude a predator, I was able to catch the little sucker.... Only to be unceremoniously bitten as I took him outside to release him in some tall grass near a tree. It didn't really hurt, but it felt like a couple dozen teeny tiny razor sharp teeth digging into my hand.

Hmmmm maybe that's why they call them "Alligator" lizards.

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