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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Do you have a Look-a-Like?

I do, though to be honest I'm always surprised when people tell me they think I look like the television and movie actress Sandra Oh.

Funnier still I was mistaken for her backstage at an INXS concert last year. A woman actually apologized for interrupting me because she thought I was: "In all of those movies and on tv." I laughed and assured her that I was not who she thought I was. Though so many complete strangers have told me I look like her, so many times, that I feel a sense of responsibility to not behave badly in public. Not that I ever do, but out of fear if I did it would end up on the National Enquirer that Sandra did something outrageous when it was really me, I am always on my best behavior.

So I was watching 20/20 tonight on Tivo and there's a photographer named Francois Brunelle who specializes in photographing people who look alike, but aren't related. He said he always shoots in black and white, it allows the viewer to more easily focus on the similarities. So I found this picture of her and must say that in black and white I do see more similarities then in color.

You be the judge.

My favorite Sandra Oh movie: Under the Tuscan Sun

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