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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Fan or Stalker?

Ok, I'll admit this bordered on stalkerish... We saw JD Fortune, a devout vegetarian and current front man for INXS, as soon as we arrived at the hotel. He was walking ahead of us and approached an ATM in the hallway. After getting some cash he turned and continued the other direction heading towards the casino.

Not wanting to waste a photo op I went over and took a few shots of the ATM he had just used. My hand was the first to touch the keypad after his.

My BF called me a stalker and said hotel security was probably going to come and arrest me if I didn't knock it off.

Ha ha I didn't care. Later we got to chat with JD before the show. He's a really nice guy, soft spoken, sincere and always really sweet to me every single time I've seen him, which would be three times to be exact.

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