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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Martini Madness @ Vessel SF

Another fabulous evening at one of Duncan Reyes' Martini Madness events. The precursor to this evening was less dramatic then the last Martini Madness I went to, where, in a manner of speaking, I had dinner with Nancy Pelosi. Tonight we stopped at In and Out Burger on our way up to the city. I had my standard Grilled Cheese Sandwich, which is a cheeseburger without the meat patty. For vegetarians, it's a great alternative to the standard beef burger. I love them!

Once in the city we headed from Union Square to Vessel. A quick walk and turn down a non-descript alley and we were there. The lounge is gorgeous! The bathrooms were strangely dark, and unisex *gasp* which I did not realize until I was touching up my lipstick and a guy came out of a stall. Hmmmm I've not been to a unisex bathroom before. Closest I've ever been was watching the one on tv back when Alli McBeal was on the air.

As I was getting cozy chatting away with some new people I'd just been introduced to, my friend, DJ Ron Grandia, kindly offered to get me something from the bar. I am not a consumer of alcohol, to which my past post about my still unopened bottle of ice wine is a testament, so I simply asked for some mineral water. Ron returned with what I thought was a bottle of hairspray. "What is that?" I asked. "Water" he said. "Are you cereal?" I asked. He was and handed me the bottle of VOSS. I found the photo at right. Can you blame me for thinking it was hairspray? The water was tasty and the company was very fun and fabulous. As always I give Martini Madness a big flirty girl wink!

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