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Friday, April 27, 2007


That's what I said to Steve Wozniak when I met him last Monday.

I kid, I kid.

I actually said "It's so nice to meet you!"

Why would I be dining with the co-founder of Apple Computer? Well it happened like this. Each Monday night my boyfriend and I have dinner with a small group of friends. Most of them either worked in the past or currently work at Apple Computer. Each Monday we go to a different restaurant and meet for dinner. A purely social experience as we don't go to 5 star restaurants or anything fancy schmancy. So this week I suggested we go eat at a restaurant that a friend of mine had seen Woz dining at in the past.

As a lark my bf included Woz on the email invite list he sends out each Sunday. It simply states the name of the restaurant, the address, he usually includes a Jatbar review and the time. I thought NO WAY would Woz respond, let alone attend. Boy was I wrong.

First came his initial response email asking if he was invited and a comment that we had chosen his favorite restaurant! BF emailed back and explained that each week a bunch of Apple geeks get together for this dinner. He had heard there were Woz sitings at this particular restaurant and decided to invite him. He also mentioned they had met once, 7 years ago, in an elevator.

Next response from Woz said he hoped to see us there.

When we arrived at the restaurant that night guess what? He was there! He was great! A real prankster. He entertained us with all kinds of funny stories and even a bunch of magic "type" tricks! He also brought gifts! He gave each of us a gravity ring that magically appears to shrink and expand when you rotate it on your finger, and let me have a Russian Turtle trick he showed us. He also said to keep him on our dinner email list and he would come again when he could.

And Woz wasn't the only celebrity type in the crowd. To his right in the photo you will spot Elisa Camahort of Blogher.org fame... And more.

Also in the crowd, in the back row to heads to the left of Woz, was Keith Stattenfield. Keith hosts his own Public Access tv show on KMVT in Mountain View called Keith Explains. Which is basically Keith, sitting in a chair explaining stuff for 30 minutes once a month.

It was easily our most memorable Monday night dinner to date.

Photo credit: Loretta Beavers

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  1. Nice to see you Monday night Stacie...look forward to the next dinner, although I can't imagine we'll have the kind of professional entertainment we had with Woz there :)


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