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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Satura Cakes

Have you heard of Satura Cakes? Tried their absolutely delicious yummies? Seen their very cute and flirty shop on University Ave. in Palo Alto? I have! My colleague Carl and I went and ate a LOT of cake there yesterday.

Incredibly "light" is the best way to describe their Japanese style cakes and pastries.

From their website: "... The inspiration for our business derived from our surprising realization that the quality of cakes found in bakeries in Tokyo are generally superior to those commonly found in the United States. Japanese pastry chefs have adapted European-style cakes and pastries to the point where they now stand as a separately-identifiable type of cakes..."

Not "too" sweet also comes to mind. The flavors are subtle in a wonderfully rich and natural way. It was an amazing experience that had me making those funny "Mmmmmmmmmm" noises as I sampled dessert after luscious dessert.

The cakes are beautifully displayed on clear trays inside of lit display cases. Something you expect to see at Neiman Marcus, not a bakery. Their merchandising is beautiful and is part of the entire delightful experience that is Satura Cakes.

When we left with the remainder of the desserts boxed up so we could take them home with us I was literally on cloud nine. Make that a Satura marshmallow cloud! Yes, they even make their own marshmallows. I scored as Carl forgot to take his share when he dropped me off at my place. YAY for me!

This morning I made a grand discovery. The Satura to-go box is an exceptionally well designed box indeed! See below for the details!

Easy accesss. Notice how you can reach right in to grab whatever you want?

Or if you're more refined, like mwa, there's a nifty built in fork rest, for when you're eating straight out of the box!

Here's a close-up of the fork rest.

The Palo Alto store front. Grab your friends and go! You'll love it! People are talking and the Reviews are all raves!

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