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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Why I Love My Mac

When I got my first computer in 2001 I knew right off the bat I wanted a Mac. I'd heard that they were the computer of choice for graphic designers, and though I didn't know dirt about computers at that point, I knew one day I would be a graphic designer and that I would need a Mac. So I saved up and bought my first Imac G3DV. It was purple and I loved it!

A few years later I upgraded to my first laptop. The ibook. In this day and age with all of the free wireless around town a laptop is an amazing tool. I can work at the coffeshop, in a park, in airports or in the backyard at my house with no cords to worry about.

Recently I upgraded to a Macbook Pro and installed the Windows Operating system so that I could test the websites I'm building on different browsers. Not all browsers are created equal. Which brings me to back to why I love my Mac. Quite frankly I think Safari is the best browser around when it comes to aesthetics and ease of use. Until you view the same webpage in a bunch of different browsers you probably won't understand what I mean. Suffice to say that I love Safari because I love for all of the little details of graphics and layouts to look as visually appealing as possible.

If you've never owned a Mac before, consider it. I've never regretted it and have always felt the slightly higher price was well worth it because the Macs are just so freakishly well designed. You pretty much just pull it out of the box and go. It's that easy.

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