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Sunday, September 23, 2007

An Original Thought

Have you ever wondered if you've ever had an original thought? How would you know if you had? Well if you're like me verification of unique thoughts can take place at Namecheap.com. This is a web site where you register a domain name, aka a url.

Huh? You might wonder how does a web site like that tie into having an original thought? Well if you've ever tried to find an available url you would quickly realize that it is no easy task. In fact it is one of the most daunting aspects new business owners may face as they set out to launch their new biz. At times it seems like EVERYTHING is taken.

Just last night my fabulous fiance wanted to register BlurryPhotos.com... But guess what? It was taken! Who would name their photography business blurry photos.com? LOL it just proves my point that there are a lot of people out there buying, using and parking domain names. Even the odd ones.

So when you find one that's still available you're pretty much guaranteed that you just had an original thought. It's a great feeling. I actually get a tiny thrill when the word "available" pops up. It's makes up for several dozen that were all "taken."

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