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Friday, September 14, 2007


So as planned my friend Christina showed up today to learn how to make origami flower blossoms to help me with my centerpieces.

It was close to lunch time so we decided to grab a bite to eat first. As we were pulling into the restaurant parking lot she announced she was having a margarita with lunch. Normally I don't care if a friend has a glass of wine, a beer or a margarita with their meal. But today I gasped "What? A margarita? You can't learn origami drunk!" I told her I thought O.U.I. or origami-ing under the influence was probably not a good idea. LOL. After some light hearted negotiations she had one Raspberry Margarita... And then proceeded to make origami flowers like a pro. Hmmm. I think I may have to make a margarita the first required step when I teach origami in the future.

Christina made all of the light pink flowers. For an origami newbie she did an amazing job! Her flowers look gorgeous.


  1. how did you get the flowers onto the branches??

  2. Oh good question! I went ahead and added a photo of the glue package to the tutorial on The Flirty Guide if you want to see what the container looks like. It's at the bottom of the page. I used:

    3M Scotch Quick Drying Tacky White Glue

    You can Google the name to find it available online.

    To see the photo you can go to this link:


    Good luck with your project :o)


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