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Monday, November 26, 2007

Envy: Good or Bad?

Depending on your motivations, striving to be the envy of every other bride you know can be good or bad. To make people jealous? Bad. Because you were a great hostess and made the day enjoyable for your guests? Good!

Come on, admit it. Some of you would love for your wedding to be the envy of every other bride before you and every bride to come... Nothing wrong with that, it's human nature.

But what makes a wedding truly memorable? Truly special? I think nothing impresses guests more then a ceremony full of emotion with heartfelt vows. Between you and I? I love when a bride is sobbing down the aisle or a groom chokes up at the alter.

When it comes to the rest? Nothing creates a more lasting impression then being a great host and hostess to your guests. As much as rumor may dictate that it's a brides day to do what she wants... I think part of what she should want is the comfort and enjoyment of her guests. What better way to make your wedding the best your guests have ever attended then to make sure that their every need was met?

When it comes to being a fabulous hostess? Here are some great common sense suggestions to ensure your guests are comfortable and enjoying themselves as much as possible!

1. Be on time! I was once invited to a wedding where the bride arrived so late for the ceremony that we were not served dinner until 10:30 pm after her photos were taken. The cake cutting was at 11:30 pm. So being tardy is not the best way to go about creating a wedding others would envy.

2. In summer provide air conditioning, fans and shade. If your ceremony or reception are outdoors? Rent a tent, offer cute paper fans and/or provide paper parasols to your guests.

3. Include the option of Coke at the bar and/or with dinner and coffee during the reception to go with the cake. The lack of these basic caffeinated beverages have been the source of much griping by guests at weddings I've attended in the past.

4. Make sure your music choices are varied so that your guests, no matter what their age, will hear a few songs they recognize and can relate to.

5. Make sure there is enough seating. Feet get tired of standing and sore feet can ruin the best of parties. I once sent back my RSVP and attended a wedding where there wasn't enough seating available for the reception. There were about 10 of us who ended up sitting on a ledge watching the other guests at their set tables... We left before the meal was served. The worst part? That nobody, bride or groom, came to apologize. Everyone just acted as if we didn't exist. This taught me that "Graciousness and sincerity in moments of adversity can make the worst wedding day disasters tolerable."

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