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Friday, November 16, 2007

The Hotel Kabuki • San Francisco

A Joie De Vivre hotel, the Hotel Kabuki is a Japanese style hotel that delights it's guests with a soothing ambiance and offers it's patrons cultural lessons in: Bonsai, Ikebana, Japanese Calligraphy, Karaoke, Odori Dance, Origami, Sake Tasting, Sushi Preparation, Taiko Drumming, and the Traditional Tea Ceremony.

Last night I was invited to attend the opening of Hotel Kabuki and it's O Izakaya Lounge. That's what the invitaton I received said. But it was so much more then an opening! It was a cultural experience that took me on a journey back to my childhood and allowed me an opportunity to reminisce memories forgotten.

From Kabuki, Taiko, Tea Ceremonies, Mochitsuki and more I was quite simply transfixed by many of the demonstrations and performances we were treated to.

As soon as one walked into the lobby the delicious food, provided by O Izakaya Lounge, began with hand passed Hor d'Ouevres, and from that point on each room we walked into contained a delectable offering of sushi, soba, tempura, manju, cake from Satura Cakes, mochi, specialty cocktails, tea and sake.

I could tell right away that the hotel is a wonderful venue for weddings and corporate events. The staff was friendly, gracious and helpful as we casually meandered through the event room by room.

We also received a guided tour of one of the suites and let me tell you, you won't find another room like this. At least I've not come across another like it. Each suite comes with an ergonomic deep-soaking tub. The tub is different then a traditional western bath. It's more like sitting upright in hot, hot water where you simply sit to relax, not wash. The Japanese shower first before entering the bath water.

There is also a traditional communal bath, Kabuki Springs & Spa, located in close proximity to the hotel.

The hotel is located in the San Francisco Japantown which is full of shops and restaurants all uniquely Japanese.

Below is a piece of manju and freshly made mochi I brought home just so that I would have some photos for the blog. I couldn't wait to photograph them so that I could hurry up and eat them!

Thank you to Rick Bacon, their Director of Catering, for the invitation. It was such an incredible treat to be a part of such a wonderful celebration!

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