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Friday, December 28, 2007

Chicken Vegetable Pot Pie

So here's my latest... Technically it wasn't so much a pot pie as a cottage pie (I replaced the crust with mashed potato). Filled with baby carrots, pearl onions, potato, celery, chicken, thyme and cream sauce, oh my gosh it was so yummy! If you want the recipe let me know and I'll send it to you. It would be just as good vegetarian style, which I will try the next time I make it. My new sweet hubby made a Cesar salad and we were good to go for dinner!

Now that all of my kitchen equipment is moved to my new residence I am cooking again. There are some things in life I LOVE to do when I have the time. Reading, painting and cooking are among some of my passions that I've sorely neglected the past couple of years. While I still don't have the time for reading and painting, cooking is something that I am managing to make part of my daily routine again. I have killer cookware. From my Henkel knives to my All Clad and Le Creuset cookware I'm covered. While most women I know can't resist buying clothes and shoes? For me? Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table are the stores I can't resist.

Normally it would be difficult to justify spending a lot of $$$ on kitchenware and gadgets but years ago I was in not one but 2 car accidents within 3 months of each other, neither of which were my fault. Fortunately both cars that hit me were insured under the same company so the settlement part was pretty straightforward. After suffering from severe whiplash for over a year I decided to spend my entire settlement on something that would bring me as much pleasure as the accidents had caused pain... I decided to go on a kitchen equipment shopping spree that can only be compared to the one Julia Roberts experienced in Pretty Woman. It was great and I still have all of it to this day. I lovingly hand scrub and dry all of my pots, pans, gadgets and utensils. They are all in like new condition over a decade later.

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  1. I'd love your recipe! I enjoy making pot pie style dinners - each one seems to be a unique adventure incorporating different vegetables, etc each time.



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