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Friday, December 7, 2007

Ouch! That would have hurt!

I was out on the town tonight with a friend at a fun holiday event. We were walking back to our cars when we were almost run over in a crosswalk! Seriously! We were half way across the street and an oncoming car, driven by a man who shall remain nameless (because I don't know his name LOL) decides to pull into the intersection. We stop in the center of the cross walk between the two corners assuming he's just cutting us off. All of a sudden he turns his wheel hard to make a u-turn aiming directly into the crosswalk! There was no time to run and no place to hide, and he wasn't looking forward at all, just to his left to make the turn. I would have been hit first, so as my friend screamed at the top of her lungs I tipped my gold umbrella forward like a shield and waved it. I don't know if that was what caught his eye or if he just happened to finally look up but he slammed on his brakes and stopped about 15 feet from me. I swear 3 more seconds and I'd have had 2 broken legs at best or would have been squished under his car at worst. I guess I could have also been hit, breaking my legs then thrown from the impact landing on my head cracking my skull. The possibilities are endless and none are very pleasant. It was very scary to say the least.

So if you, Mr. Illegal U-turn Man, read this blog post, please in the future go to the corner and make a right, then a right, then a right, then a left. That would be the legal way to change directions. And you won't almost plow over some poor soul in the crosswalk almost smashing her to smithereens!

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  1. Thank you to all of you who have emailed and messaged me that you're all glad I was not hit or run over by the car. I'm really glad too!


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