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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1000 Origami Cranes

The latest update to the Flirty Ideas on TFG...

A symbol of good luck to the bride and groom at Japanese American weddings, a Thousand Cranes have become more popular and mainstream crossing ethnic boundaries and are popping up at weddings of all ethnicities. In the past I've been commissioned to make several sets of 6 foot high cranes for non-asian weddings. I think the tv show that really spread the idea, years ago, was an episode of Northern Exposure. To this day people will reference the episode called "The Wedding" from 1992, where the cranes were used as church decorations for the wedding of Adam and Eve.

In any case I encourage everyone to learn to fold cranes because it's really fun to do. And especially cool for your own wedding when you can make all 1000 of them for yourself.


  1. Gosh I loved Northern Exposure. Too bad they don't make shows like that anymore.

  2. I agree... Most shows now are either reality, silly, crude or waaaaaay drama. I do love some of the reality (Ace of Cakes, Dog Whisperer, Biggest Loser) and drama ones but think it's hard to make "everyday" interesting. That's what that show reminded me of, it made me feel like I could hop on a plane, fly on up, and everything there would be just as it seemed on the show. I was a late comer to the NE series but enjoyed it very much.


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