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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

SPAM saved my friend's life!

SPAM can be many things. Usually SPAM is annoying, frustrating, the bane of my existence (I get close to 600 in my email each day), and a potted meat product.

But have you ever heard of SPAM saving a life? Look no further. My friend Rich Amooi was saved from serious harm when his email dinged and he got up to check to see who had messaged him.

Turns out it was SPAM. A moment later this tree fell through his roof and ceiling landing right where he had been sitting. It probably would have hit his legs. You may never look at SPAM the same way again. In fact I'm considering turning off my SPAM filter if it'll help me to live longer.

Just sayin'...

When I showed the pic to my hubby he was less philosophical than I. His first response was... "Wow those are nice doors!"

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