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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Masque Ball

A Gala Masque Ball... Mwa? Attending a Mardi Gras masque ball on Fat Tuesday? Well let me begin by saying though I dress up my dog? I do not dress up in costumes myself. So at first I was thinking I would attend but not wear a mask. Then I heard there would be a mask making station at the event. Wow, this was serious stuff. Not wanting to be a total party pooper I decided to take the bull by the horns and go get a mask.

I made a trip to Natasha's Attic in San Jose and found a cute butterfly mask that fit my face perfectly. Luckily the mask that fit best was only $12. Woo Hoo! This is what it looked like before I adorned it with feathers. How to decorate it? I got on Google and looked up instructions on how to make a Mardi Gras mask. Using only wire cutters to trim the feathers and white glue I spent an evening carefully laying the feathers down row by row until I had transformed my red and teal butterfly mask into a crazy sea-foam green owl mask. LOL

Armando and I at the ball. As luck would have it we stayed too late like Cinderella and sadly my car was locked into the parking garage overnight. Turns out the garage closed at 10:00 pm and we didn't leave until after 11:00. LOL. We called a cab and went back to his place, I was planning to spend the night there anyways due to more appointments in the city the next day, so in the end our little faux pax cost me $32 instead of $10 to park. All in all it was funny and warranted being added to the list of hilarious misadventures we often share.

The Gala at the newly redecorated Julia Morgan Ballroom in downtown SF. If you ever have the chance to attend an event there? GO! It's a gorgeous venue with impeccable service. If you ever have a chance to go to a Masque Ball? GO! I'll be posting instructions on how to make a feather mask on The Flirty Guide as soon as I have some free time. First I have to go back and buy another butterfly mask so I can add step by step photos of how to DIY.

This was a really great surprise! To entertain us we were treated to our own Dancing with the Stars spectacular showcase! 4 event professionals had been working with Cynthia Glinka and her professional dancers to wow all of us with rehearsed routines that were totally awe inspiring. Imagine seeing your friends take to the floor and out of no where dance like pros.

Duncan Reyes raising the bar.

Dessert.... Oh my gosh that was an amazing dessert! The chocolate cake was chocolatey, creamy, dreamy and on the bottom crunchy! If I could eat one every day I would. The ice cream was caramel and had a sweet and strangely salty taste in a wonderfully delicious way.

The salad by La Bocca Fina was so yummy! I Love Brie! And here was a slice that made my mouth water. To be honest I don't even remember what the other ingredients were, I just remember that the combination was so delicious I want to have it again. Someday I'll do a blog on all of the cool ways one can eat brie.

The rest of the food was awesome! With caterers like Componere, Global Gourmet, Paula Laduc, and Taste how could it not be?  The chestnut soup by Componere was absolutely delicious. Though to be honest I really need at least a pint or quart to give a true review of just how wonderful it was. Even a gallon, I swear I could drink a gallon it was so good!

With Michelle of MB Designs

Maria Chang and Armando Sarabia

The new chandeliers at the Julia Morgan Ballroom

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