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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Common sense. How common is it?

Two years ago when I first started my blog I did a post about common sense. Well tonight I had a conversation with two of my friends who are sometimes a little lacking in this area in a hilariously funny way. I told them when I was a kid? My dad would not have tolerated my not having common sense. He would always say "Common sense tells you..." and would proceed to explain to me what my thought process should have been in any given situation. I guess he was teaching me how to use deductive reasoning. And I'm happy to say that for the most part? It worked!

So tonight while talking to my two friends about the most embarrassing things a couple of us had ever done I expressed my dad's sentiment to them as an example of how you can avoid making a fool of yourself if you just stop and think things through. His voice was ringing in my head "Common sense tells you..."

Friend #1 said: What if common sense doesn't seem to talk to you?

Friend #2 said: EXACTLY!!!!!!

I never thought to tell my dad that I was winging it. That common sense had not told me anything. That it hadn't called, written or dropped by. I'm pretty sure had I said that? He would have told me "Don't be smart!" Which would have been ironic since he was trying to teach me how to be smarter. LOL

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