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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Créme de la Créme was a huge hit!

I'm happy to report that the Créme de la Créme Bridal Rendezvous was a huge hit! The brides and grooms showed up in force. I had an absolute blast talking to everyone! In fact I hardly had time to take a breath I was talking so much. LOL. The event was held at the Toll House in downtown Los Gatos. With a beautiful outdoor patio and an intimate ballroom the Toll House is a wonderful choice to host a wedding or private party.

Here was our Flirty Booth at the showcase. We gave out goodie bags again and sponsored another fun contest. Prizes included a custom flirty illustration created by mwa and printed on the winners choice of fun products. And another 4 winners received iTunes gift cards sponsored by "The Only DJ" Carl Mindling.

These are the adorable floral magnets Nancy Crain of Favorable Expressions put together for our Goodie Bags. One was a silk flower ornament, the other a picture frame. Sooooo cute!

This is a photo of mwa with the creator and sponsor of the show, Nicole D'Ambra. Nicole is a professional wedding coordinator and had just returned from a trip to China where she was one of 3 event coordinators, chosen as keynote speakers to represent the United States wedding industry at the Chinese International Wedding Expo.

Here are two photos of lighting by Enhanced Lighting and Sound. They clearly show the range of lighting options that are possible from whimsical...

To breathtakingly elegant.

Here is a gorgeous pink lighting wall wash in the background of Marizette Paperie's display. Marivics Card Company and Babycakes Design have undergone a fusion creating a brand new invitation company combining two of the Bay Areas best businesses into one brand new company!

My friend Bonnie Harper from One World Designs was there. Bonnie and I met years ago and have been friends ever since. Bonnie, like myself, creates custom jewelry, hair ornaments and other accessories for brides. In another world we could have viewed each other as rivals, instead we chose to be be friendly colleagues. I hadn't seen Bonnie for a few years so it was wonderful to catch up with her before and after the show and see all of her new gorgeous accessories.

And of course there were some TFG professionals at the show. David Ethridge of A Video Reflection just happened to be across the way from me. His display was gorgeous! I'll admit it. I had booth envy. OK, here's why. Look at the area behind Dave's booth. It's a really cool arc with a custom sign hanging from it. Now look behind my display. See the difference? Can you imagine how great my display would look with a cool backdrop like his made with our flirty colors? Oh it would be sooooo cute! Someday, someday.

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous table designs by Nicole D'Ambra! The flowers adorning the entire show from ballroom to terrace were designed and provided by Asiel Designs. Every time I turned around there was Jonathan setting up yet another stunning display. In the ballroom, the lobby, the terrace, their wonderful arrangements were everywhere. The table settings were from Classic Party Rentals and the table linens by Wildflower Linens.

Here was my favorite. It was the "Flirty" table.

And the "Elegant" table...

The "Rock Star" table...

More TFG peeps! Carl Mindling, always the team player, came to lend a hand setting up the show. And that's Jenny Voight from Satura Cakes who had just arrived to set up her display but stopped for a quick photo op. Yummmmmm Satura cake. I think I'm due for a visit!

A classic tiered cake by Satura Cakes.

LOL I LOVE these photos! More TFG Peeps! That's wedding coordinator Jean Marks and DJ Ron Grandia having fun in the photo booth! How memorable would that be? Renting a photo booth for your reception or event and letting your friends ham it up for the camera. Jean stopped by to say hello, and Ron, like Carl, came just to pitch in and help out.

The Photo booth was provided by Photoworks Interactive.

I also had my first cup of chai tea made just for me by Travlin' Joe. I got some great photos and will tell you in great detail about my cup of tea later this week. For now I'll tell you it was fabulous and I loved it!

The linens for the show were provided by Wildflower Linens. From ruched to sequined to beaded table covers, and beautifully draped and bustled chair covers, their pieces were simply stunning. Seriously, a lot of their table covers are made of the same fabrics couture evening gowns could be made of. One look at their samples and all you can think is "WOW" the possibilities are limitless!

Feet in the Sand Pedicures was a new company I met for the first time yesterday. I've only had one pedicure in my life. It was great. My feet had never looked so pretty ever before, or ever after that time for that matter. My friend and colleague, Jewel Savadelis and I had a girl's night, got pedicures then went out to dinner after. It was great fun! We might just have to do it again.

I also met Mura Wines for the first time. Winemaker Ron Mura was awarded the Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Best of Show - Red Wines at the San Francisco Bay Area Wine Competition Some of you might find interesting that their wines are low in sulfites & histamines.

Another well established company that was new to me was Balcy's Fine Jewelry. I'm sure if I shopped for diamonds I'd have been familiar with their company as they are another local business located in Los Gatos. Sadly, I've only bought myself diamonds, once, years ago. It was a tiny, estate band with itsy, bitsy channel mounted stones on it's face. Being engaged I had to get used to wearing a larger stone on my hand. When my husband proposed one of the first things I told my friends was "The ring is too big" to which they replied I could have it resized. I laughed and said no I meant the stone was too big, for me. For my taste. They all thought I was crazy. Looking back I have to agree. I love my ring now. Exactly the way it is, with the once too big stone and all :o)

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