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Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's my Birthday and I want cake, and cookies, and marshmallows!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! You might be so jealous after you read this post.

So for my BiRtHdaY my new "tradition" is a once a year trek to the Ferry Building in San Francisco to go to Miette, a French bakery. CLICK HERE to view what I got last year.

Oh My GOSH! I love this place so much. It's one of my "happy places" I think about when I need to think of a happy place.

So this is what this flirty girl does on her Birthday. She goes dessert shopping and has lunch with friends. My hubby and I headed up to SF to pick up my "gifts" then met Armando and Chris for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Betelnut. I was so surprised! They had got me this spiffy cake stand at Miette so I used it for my B-day photo shoot! So cute huh?

The ritual consists of arriving at Miette and buying every single thing that appeals to me. So in this post you can see everything I purchased this year.

The very nice woman who was packaging up my goodies asked me when I was serving all of them as two needed to be refrigerated. Serving them? I told her I wasn't serving them to anyone! They were all for me to eat in the next 48 hours. LOL

And talk about self control. I didn't eat anything (well except for one thing) until I got home so I could take all of these pictures to share with all of you! If you know me and live nearby I might even consider sharing with you... Just let me know what you want a bite of and I'll save you some :P

Here's what's left:

Layer Cake: Gone
Cupcakes: Gone
Browned Butter Cake: Gone
Chocolate Macaroons: Gone
Meringue Cookies: Gone
Marshmallows: Gone
Brownies: Gone
Scharffen Berger Cake: Gone
Lemon Tart: Gone
Banana Loaf: Gone

The Ferry Building in San Francisco

Here was my cupcake for the road. Which didn't even survive to the parking lot. Heh heh. Yummmmmmm it was sooooooooooo goooooooooood!


  1. *droooooool* the brownies look so good! i went to a place called "Hot Chocolate" in Chicago, oh my goodness, you'd have a field day there!


  2. I'll bring you a brownie tomorrow :P

    Just looked at Hot Chocolate's website. Oh my gosh the lunch and brunch menus look sooooooo good! Now I'm *drooling* too!

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes! It was a good one but I'll tell you some stories that will make you roll your eyes when I see you. LOL


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