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Monday, March 10, 2008

No More Blogging After Midnight...

Well considering it's now 1:33 am I guess I don't mean that completely. But after a couple of blog faux pas' this past week I've taken an oath not to blog about people I've recently met between the hours of 12:00 am and when I wake up.

Faux pas number one: I misidentified an actual person in a photo. Which was made even worse by the fact that he was the ONLY person in the picture. (Sorry Andrew) This was embarrassing beyond belief. I didn't even try to get away with it like "Ha ha I was wondering if you would catch that. Good one huh?" Nope I fessed up immediately and began apologizing profusely. I think I apologized twice the night he told me, then again later that night. Then I messaged him another apology on Facebook, and now I just posted another in the blog. Another week of this and I think I'll have made proper amends.

Faux pas number two: Pointed out by an anonymous tipster, was a misspelled name.

So I now feel the need to share with all of you that there are two handicaps I face when posting late at night. The obvious one is that I may be tired. Yes, even though I often stay up late to work, I do at some point get a bit befuddled and become a little incoherent as I clickity clack on my keyboard. Delirious exhaustion alone could be a recipe for a blogging disaster. Hmmm however my recent blogtastrophe happened while I was wide awake.

But add to that my second and far more serious handicap, and most likely culprit of my recent blunders, is that there is a being in my home bent on distracting me from the task at hand as I post in my blog. That culprit is in my face right now as we speak. Errrr I mean as I type. It is of all things... our cat. He's a great cat, a very friendly cat. But at night he becomes a pest to the 'nth degree. Where is the 'nth degree? Somewhere right after as "Annoyed as heck" but before "I'm gonna lock you in the bedroom for the rest of your furry life." Actually it's right in the middle of "Let me toss you off the couch 40 times only for you to return over and over again like the Terminator." Yeah, it's somewhere around there.

You see, once my hubby goes to bed, the dog goes with him. This leaves the cat and I up as late night buddies.

Kitai keeping the cat in line.

As I type on my computer working on websites and other things like blog posts, the cat's sole purpose for being becomes to force me to interact with him... whether I want to or not. Right now he is laying across my lap from right to left and is kneading my left forearm with both of his front paws as he lays across my right forearm, as I type. OK scratch that. Now he's rubbing his head and drooling all over my left hand as I type. I've often been around cats that will drool as you pet them but this cat is something else. He loves to rub his mouth and teeth all over my hands, arms and chin. If I so much as look at him or pet him he begins salivating and drooling like a Bull Mastiff. He's actually worse then any dog I've ever known.

So there you have it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Seriously, the odds of creating any coherent type of post with no misspelled words with a cat strewn all over me and drooling on my hands and keyboard are very low at any given point in time. Especially in the wee hours of the morning when I'm not at my best and brightest.

So thank you for bearing with me dear readers. And if any of you know how to deal with my cat, please let me know. I need all of the help I can get.


  1. Wow, that cat sounds so awesome! Most cats are very non-friendly and ignore their owners. It must be nice to have a cat that acts like he likes you.

  2. hmm funny how the commenter shares the same initials as your husband (although I do admit, friendly cats are more fun :D).. morgan says he'll take the cat off your hands if you'd like. :D

  3. In his eyes his cat can do no wrong. Even when the cat broke his ugly lamp he accused me of doing it because I hated it, then blaming it on the cat. I told him if that were the case the "cat" would have "accidently" broken the ugly lamp months earlier. LOL

    Morgan likes kitties? Just let me know where to drop him off and he's all yours. Just don't tell JAV.

  4. That's a bad picture of the cat. He looks pissed off in that picture. Usually he looks very cute and inquisitive. He sounds like a dove cooing.

  5. That's a bad picture of the cat. He looks pissed off in that picture. Usually he looks very cute and inquisitive. He sounds like a dove cooing.


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