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Sunday, March 16, 2008

What do Turkey, Dubai and Tennessee all have in common?

They all have fans of The Flirty Guide! And the list is growing!

Can you believe it? I'm still kind of reeling. Turns out that brides, women and men everywhere are finding The Flirty Guide online.

I mean it's a given that locals here in the Bay Area are finding TFG. Word of mouth combined with local advertising is helping us to be discovered. Our most enthusiastic Treasure Hunt winner was the Mother of a Bride in Daly City. And just last week our winner hailed from Redwood City, and before that? Campbell and San Jose. And at the recent Promises and Pearls Soiree up in SF? I loved that some brides were discovering the site for the first time while others said they had already been to the site after finding it on their own.

I expected local brides to find the site. What I didn't expect is that brides nationwide and internationally would also be finding The Flirty Guide. *Gasp, gasp, thud.* I didn't see that coming. Eventually, yes, but not in our first two months out!

One bride in Dubai (located in the United Arab Emirates) messaged me a few days ago to inquire about having her bridal bouquet freeze dried after reading about Shanel's Spring Flowers and Frames here on TFG. Turns out it is possible. Shanel's has preserved bouquets for international brides before from as far away as Japan. Who woulda thunk?

And Turkey? I found a link back to a Turkish site when I was doing a search to see who on the www was linking back to TFG. Imagine my surprise when I found a site, obviously European, in a foreign language I didn't recognize. I wasn't sure, and actually still am not sure, if they were fans at first, because I don't read Turkish, but in the comments I saw one of these little sideways smiley face emoticons :) so I figured it must be a somewhat positive review of our first Flirty Everyday Idea. I'm seriously considering converting this feature into a blog so visitors can leave comments right on the site.

Then just yesterday I received an email from a woman in Tennessee who saw my comments about sending anyone who asked for them, a set of our 5 flirty postcards for free. She said: " I'd love to get them! They are SOO cute! I love your site! Found it yesturday! Too cute!" Now that gives me the warm fuzzies :o)

Can I just say I'm loving this? So if you live in a state that isn't California or a country that isn't the United States? Please drop me an email or leave a comment in the blog. It tickles me to no end to see how fast and how far TFG is spreading around the globe.

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