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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Interpreting Ancient Fashion with Colleen Quen

As many of you who read the blog know, one of the people in this world I am fortunate to be friends with is couture evening and wedding gown designer Colleen Quen. Not only did I wear one of her GORGEOUS wedding dresses at my own wedding, a few weeks ago I was thrilled to attend an exhibition of her latest collection at the Mark Wolfe contemporary gallery in downtown San Francisco. 

Right after my wedding I spoke to Colleen on the phone. She had some very exciting news to share with me. She and another designer from SF, Jude Gabbard, had been chosen to be in an independent film being made by D3 Media Group titled Interpreting Ancient Fashion which will air in 2009 on PBS.

Colleen and Jude took a trip back in time to Guizhou Province, one of the most poor and remote provinces of China. There they learned about the traditional garb, both textiles and design, by living with the Miao and Buyi people. Colleen, a fourth generation Chinese American had never been there before. I will say I envy her in that I have not yet, but am certain that someday I will, make a trip to Japan to learn more about the true culture of the country my grandparents all immigrated from. Someday.

Of course her gowns were stunning. Her designs always are. I snapped a few photos of her collection and the story board she created during the inspiration phase of this collection.

Here's what SF Gate had to say about the event.

Visit Colleen Quen's The Flirty Guide Profile.

Visit her website by Clicking Here.


  1. how amazing! i just read an article about this fashion event/project called Discarded to Divine. Colleen's name was mentioned as one of the designers. They need volunteers for the event that night, I'm debating on doing it. hehe. Just to look at the clothes. They're auctioning them for St. Vincent de Paul.

  2. What a cool event! I'd never heard of it before. And what a great cause. Here's the link for those who might be interested in attending or volunteering for the event.


    Thanks for mentioning it Vicki.


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