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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Please, Don't Give Me Marijuana!

Gifts and Tips • Part 1: What Not to Give

You're wedding or event was a huge success. Everything was great. And much to your delight you noticed that some of the professionals you hired rose to the occasion exceeding your expectations helping to make your event everything you had hoped for and more.

To acknowledge their efforts you've decided to give them a tip or gift... But what?

Well for starters, don't give a gift that could wind them up in the slammer.

I know, right now you're thinking "She has GOT to be kidding!"

Incredibly, I'm not.

Suffice to say I personally know a wedding professional who did such a wonderful job that their client gave them a gift as a token of appreciation. While driving home the professional noticed a strange odor in their car. *Sniff sniff* what was that smell? Finally it dawned on them that it must be "the gift." They opened it up and lo and behold there inside was marijuana! That's right! I'm talkin' pot, grass, weed, hash, Mary Jane, dope, reefer, Maui-Wowie.. OK I don't know if it came from Hawaii but I'm not real hip on drug lingo and that was one name I remembered hearing years ago.

Had this person been in the habit of smoking "weed" they might have thought "cooooool" when they saw their "tip." Instead they proceeded to freak out about "what if" the police were to pull them over for a moving violation? Would the cops believe that they were an innocent mule who was unwittingly transporting an illegal substance and committing a misdemeanor punishable by up to 6 months in jail along with a $500 fine? Probably not, would be my guess.

At the first opportunity they pulled into a gas station and tossed the "gift" into a garbage can. I know some of you are thinking "what a waste" but I would have done the same thing.

Can you imagine if they had been pulled over? And the police asked where the "gift" came from? And they went to the venue and arrested a bride on her wedding day? Not good. Or what if the wedding professional was married to a cop? Or someone in their family was in law enforcement? You get my drift. So while this seems like a no brainer it bears saying that no matter how happy you are with the way your wedding or event turned out: Do not tip your professionals with street drugs that could land them, or yourself, in the pokey.

Oh and BTW, if you ever want to give me a tip? Please, don't give me marijuana. I prefer chocolate :P


  1. WHAT????? That is so rude, and so insulting! I can't believe it! Was it just the one person who got pot, or was it how they "gifted" everybody?

  2. Truthfully we wondered the same thing. Could they have possibly left it as a favor for each guest? We have no idea. There are so many other things one could tip a professional... I can't imagine how anyone could think giving drugs to someone they barely know would be a good idea. When my colleague told me all I could think was: "Now I've heard it all."


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