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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Best Wedding Blogs is Going Bonkers!

As many of you may recall, I started a blog directory last summer called Best Wedding Blogs.com.

I did it for two reasons, first and foremost was to make it easier for brides planning their weddings to find the blogs of professionals they may be interested in hiring to be part of their wedding team.

The second reason was to motivate, ummmm I mean "inspire," wedding professionals in Northern California to take up blogging by giving them complementary listings!

Over a year ago I knew of exactly 4 professionals who had blogs (and I was one of them.) LOL Now? Oh my gosh! It seems like almost everyone has a blog and the ones who don't are all saying they will soon or are at least considering starting one.

Each day it seems like I receive 1 to 3 requests to be added to Best Wedding Blogs. And not just from professionals in Northern California. After a few months I began receiving requests from ALL OVER the United States. A few months later? From ALL OVER THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD! *gasp gasp thud*

Imagine my shock when people from South Africa, Canada and Australia contacted me and asked to be added to the site.

Now lots of people want to be added to Best Wedding Blogs. How do I select who makes the cut? Well for starters their blog has to be wedding related. Weddings have to be one of their specialties, not something they do on the side. And the blog has to be at least a few months old. Here are some key points I go over when I read each blog:

1. I look for people who blog at least 6 times a month.

2. Blogs must be tasteful. There have been a few that didn't quite meet this standard.

3. Companies are owner operated and if products are offered they are both designed and produced as custom orders for each client.

Recently I received a submission from a company that does not design and create their own products, but they have a really great website, blog and product line... I didn't want to turn them away outright. Hmmmm what to do, what to do. Then it HIT me! Well of course the solution was so obvious! Start another blog directory! That's right! ANOTHER blog directory! One for companies that resell products or are larger, not owner operated companies. So keep checking back, I'll soon be launching www.BlogsForBrides.com sometime in the near future.

Until then I hope brides are finding the site useful. The last showcase I attended at Nestldown there were brides there who had already visited my blog. One even quoted a thread title to me! Loved that!

Blog On!


  1. Wow, your list is growing, Stacie! Great job... can't wait to see the new blog coming up!

  2. Congrats! What a great resource.


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