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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cake Coquette

Remember my "Cake Deprivation" post a few months ago? Well I'm happy to report since that sad day that I have now had the occasion to sample cake and a cupcake from Cake Coquette in San Francisco. Pronounced "Ko-ket" like "get," coquette is the French version of a "flirty girl."

Inside the box were 10 samples of her scrumptious cake! Imagine how happy I was: A girl, a fork, and a box full of cake.  

But Gabby does more then make cake that tastes really great. She also makes cakes that look really cool. Gabby is a sculptor who knows how to create imaginative and whimsical cakes with fondant and to add a cool twist she also loves to use butter cream to add more depth and texture to her creations.

How Unique!


  1. ummmm....cake....my favorite thing in life...you are lucky. Heather

  2. I have met Gabby through "Ladies Who Launch" and I think she is so extremely talented!

  3. HI Heather,

    LOL I know. I am lucky. Some of my friends are so jealous of all the cake I get to eat!

    I see you're a photographer in the city. Now I'm jealous. There are so many great patisseries in the city! One place I'm curious to try is Citizen Cake. I see it every time I head back to the freeway to go home. I just love the name. Someday I'll stop and have a piece of cake just for fun.

  4. Hi Jolene,

    Gabby is as sweet as her cakes and yes I agree, incredibly talented :o)

    Hmmm I've been hearing more and more from people who have joined Ladies Who Launch. Recently every networking event I've gone to there have been at least one or two women who have mentioned the organization to me. I've been on the site and subscribed to their updates, Facebook page, etc. I may have to try an incubator for an upcoming feature for The Flirty Guide.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Oh my goodness, these are gorgeous and look so delicious! Hmmm... yum!


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