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Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Flirty Ride

OK how cute would this be? My very own Flirty Ride.

Emblazoned with the www.TheFlirtyGuide.com url on each side.

No, I haven't bought one and probably won't for quite awhile. But lately I've been receiving emails from companies that want to send me samples of their products to test then review in my blog. Which brings me to the subject of the most frequently asked question about the Fun and Flirty Blog:

How do I choose the people, products and places that I feature or mention in my blog posts?

Well for starters, I usually only write about people I actually know, products I've actually used or plan to use and places I've actually traveled to or plan to visit in the future.

So while I appreciate people offering to send me products to review, in most cases, there needs to be a more natural evolution.

Except for a Smart Car. If anyone wants to send me a Smart Car to use and review I would be happy to oblige. Oh and I'd want it to look like this one. LOL

This is a photo I took now Photoshopped into my dream ride. All fun & flirty pink and orange. So cute huh? I think I really need one :D

But seriously, I do appreciate the interest of everyone who has approached me to date. (My apologies for not accepting any of your generous offers.) It's a reaffirming sign that I'm on the right track. So thanks for that! It really is nice to hear people think my flirty little blog is worthy of their attention.


  1. Hey thats my dream too. Only mine is a silver car with a pink and white logo !!

  2. Well if anyone actually sends me a free car I'll be sure to let them know about you too Carol! :D


    They are so cute and I just love the idea of saving gas and taking up less space.

  3. Great idea!
    At first glance I thought you had paid for advertising on a Smart Car Taxi (which, apparently, is a frequent site in Europe - smart cars slathered in advertisements are a common sight.)

    Very cute!

  4. Wow I'd not heard of advertising on a Smart Car Taxi before! Cool idea.

    I took this picture last year when I was up in Canada. It was the first time I'd ever seen a Smart Car and couldn't get over how tiny it was. It reminded me of the tiny cars I saw years ago in Paris.

  5. OMG, the Flirty Ride is just too cute! Perfect car to have in the city! =)


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