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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nestldown Bridal Showcase

Photo courtesy of Joe Homsy

After seeing photos of the Nestldown property on The Flirty Guide photographer Joe Homsy's website I'd always wanted to have an opportunity to go out and see the venue for myself.

Photo courtesy of Joe Homsy

It just looks so romantic. The feeling of being in nature but in a comfortable manner.

Photo courtesy of Joe Homsy

And it's not hours and hours away. It's just over the hill tucked away in the Santa Cruz mountains.

So when I was invited to participate in a bridal showcase there, I jumped at the opportunity. It was everything I'd expected and more.

Here was our Flirty Booth display at a recent bridal showcase hosted on the Nestldown property.

For this show's goodie bag I created some new mini gift cards that even had tiny white envelopes. They're the size of florists cards. I included them with our standard Flirty Girl postcards. One is for weddings the others for any special event like a birthday party or thank you gift.

We also had a cute bookmark courtesy of Favorable Expressions.

This is the interior of the main structure right before the showcase started.

Immediately out the door to the right of my booth was this gorgeous view of a pond. All I could think the whole time was that it would sure be fun to live there.

Here are some gorgeous photos of flowers by Karen Baba at Plan Decor.

More flowers by Plan Decor.


Also showcasing their companies were Wedding Coordinator Jean Marks (pictured here) and videographer David Ethridge from A Video Reflection. It's always fun to see Flirty Guide professionals out and about!

I am happy to report that the cupcakes by Jen's Cakes were phenomenal. I really should look into a career as a cupcake taster or cupcake quality assurance inspector. I have plennnnnnnnnty of experience on my cupcake eating resume. LOL

What a beautiful cake!

The winners of the trip for two to Hawaii! Dianne R. Tatro of Travel Quest - Honeymoon Under the Sun, sponsored this great prize! The funny thing was that the bride-to-be was wearing a Hawaii themed t-shirt that evening so it seemed a bit like fate played a role in her being chosen as the winner. The next time I enter a contest for a trip to anywhere I'm going to make sure to wear a geographically appropriate t-shirt, just in case that helps my chances.

My booth that evening was beside Silicon Valley Dance's display. Owner Kimberly DelliSante was really fun to chat with. Turns out she not only teaches dance but is often hired to come dance at events to help get guests on the floor. Though I don't watch Dancing with Stars I do enjoy watching people who know how to dance take to the floor. Regular readers of the blog may recall that my hubby and I kind of copped out on our first dance but nonetheless it was one of our guests favorite moments!

A special thanks to Photographer Teresa Halton for some of the event photos.


  1. Nestldown is so beautiful... a friend of mine got married there a few years ago and it was just breathtaking. Thanks for sharing the photos, Stacie!

  2. Thanks Evonne! I'd love to attend a wedding at Nestldown! Maybe someone I know will get married there and invite me someday.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I'm getting to go to a wedding held at nestldown and now I can't wait to do so!! D


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