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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Raggedy Origami Rhinoceros

I am a miniature origami crane specialist. But every now and then I'm contacted for something different. In the past I was happy to oblige when clients wanted frogs and butterflies. Recently I was contacted to fold origami pieces at a 3 day medical conference in San Francisco at the booth of a pharmaceutical company. My first questions were what dates and which company. I wanted to make sure it was a company that didn't do a lot of cruel animal testing and that it was a company with products that really help people in need.

After preliminary communications the company decided instead of the cranes and flowers they had first requested, they wanted a rhinoceros. Huh? A rhinoceros? Ummmmm okee dokee. Always being up for a challenge I went online and found this pattern of an origami rhino.

Suffice to say while possible? It would take longer then the two weeks available before the conference for me to learn and perfect this fold. For starters my sample rhino is missing his ears.

Here is a key example of how poorly done my poor rhino turned out. The instructions were more then a bit confusing so I had to refold some sections causing the paper to wear through and lose it's shape. And note his raggedy uneven feet and crumpled hind leg. LOL

It took me about 30 minutes to make my imperfect little rhino. I'll save him though, he's kind of cute. Maybe someday I can make a thousand miniature rhinos. There is a guy on Youtube who makes one from a Post It note. Very cool!

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