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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What is the difference between a Wedding Coordinator and an Event Designer?

Both know and will recommend qualified professional, will help you to create a beautiful event, and will streamline your planning process. While some companies offer coordination and design services, others may specialize in one area of expertise offering coordinating or design, but not both. While there may be overlap between the two there are some major differences:

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A Wedding Coordinator is an Organizer and Director

They will create ideas or execute your vision and offer assistance in critical areas such as budget, creating and following your timeline, and acting as your liaison with vendors pre-event day and day of. Making sure everyone is where they need to be, whether wedding party, vendor or guest, is one of a Coordinator's top priorities. A Coordinator can be a bride's best friend dealing with issues that arise on the wedding day and shielding their clients from as much stress as possible. A Coordinator will be there to calm you as your ceremony begins and will give your train and veil that one last fluff before you walk down the aisle.

Important to note: On the surface it may seem that a wedding coordinator, wedding consultant and wedding planner all describe the same occupation. Whether they do or not is open to debate. What is a fact is that not all Coordinators offer the same services. There will be someone out there who will be your best match so interview carefully making certain that you hire a coordinator whose services complement your needs.

Credentials: Many coordinators are certified and have received professional training through organizations like the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC), Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants (ACPWC) or June Weddings, Inc. (JWI).

Their responsibilities: include planning, overseeing set-up day of, execution of the day of timeline, and tending to the needs of all of the people at the event from the bride and groom, to the wedding party, family and guests.

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An Event Designer is an Artist

They will be your visual elements expert. A Designer will provide an in-depth design concept for the "look" of your event whether creating one from scratch or bringing a clients' vision to fruition. A Designer will bring in or may even have custom props made, and will plan aesthetic details that rise above the norm in lighting, linens, furnishings and florals that reflect the same precision and detail as a magazine photo shoot or theatrical set design. From small, intimate gatherings, to events of absolute grandeur and distinction, an Event Designer will work with a clients' wishes and budget to create the perfect ambiance and atmosphere for their special occasion.

Important to note: A quality portfolio and presentation are essential to qualifying an event designer.

Credentials: There is no formal certification process for Event Designers. Because a strong sense of aesthetics is essential you will find that many Designers have backgrounds in the arts and/or interior design.

Their Responsibilities: You can expect your Designer to work with you pre-event and be on site as early as several days before the actual event to oversee the set up of the visual details.

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A special thanks to Michelle Barrionuevo-Mazzini, Jubilee Lau, Jean Marks, Lea McInotsh and Katherine Noller-Fernandez for reviewing this post pre-publishing and contributing their insights to help create the best, overall descriptions possible.

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