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Monday, June 9, 2008

WWDC • The New iPhone

Read and see what's going on at the the World Wide Developers Conference HAPPENING RIGHT NOW on the Engadet.com Live Blog of the WWDC in San Francisco, CA.

A live blog is a team of bloggers who type and shoot photos and upload them minute by minute as something is happening...

Since I'm not an Apple Inc. employee this is as good as it gets for me to see what's happening each time Steve Jobs, that's him in the photos below, gives one of his famous new product introduction, keynote presentations at Macworld and the WWDC...

Click the link above then keep hitting refresh and you'll have the latest scoop before all of your family and friends. It's fun!

The anticipation is palpable as people find a seat.

YAY! It's Steve!

Steve talks about the new iPhone...

So here's a flirty wedding idea one of you should try if you're getting married at a venue with wireless and have a couple of blog savvy friends with laptops... Oh and one would need to be able to take good photos like this:

Here comes the bride...

On a funny note I wanted to live blog our wedding. And who better to ask to do it then the Engadget team? Since my hubby knows people in the tech industry he contacted them and asked if they would be interested. The first response he got was "Why live blog? Why not use a web cam?" My reply? Because I have a lot of family members who don't have high speed they wouldn't be able to watch a video but they could keep clicking refresh to view a blog...

He said he thought it was a cool idea... BUT,  yes it was a BIG BUT, he wouldn't be able to to do it because my hubby works for Apple. Why does that matter? Apparently Engadget is sometimes accused of showing favortism towards Apple with a positive bias towards their products and such. Being an Apple fan my first thought was doesn't everybody show a positive bias towards Apple? How could they not? They're stuff is so cool. LOL

Happy a little?

So back to my sad story. Because my hubby works for Apple? We were declined. I hold no ill will towards Engadget and remain a devoted reader of their blog. I totally respect that they must maintain an unbiased policy towards all companies they blog about. But I was disappointed. Some of my best friends were unable to make it out to California for the wedding and they could have watched the whole thing online. 

C'est la vie our video is almost ready and I'll be posting it soon to share with them and all of you too! Well, probably not the entire video but we'll have a super fun trailer to share. Stay tuned for that! 

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  1. *drooool* I can't wait until it comes out. Wish I could pre-orer. :hse:


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