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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

30 Days • Thought Provoking TV

Have you heard of the tv show 30 Days on the FX network?

It is, imo, one of the most compelling shows on television today. It has the potential to be life altering tv that not only challenges the people on the show but the home viewers as well to perhaps not only see, but to understand, appreciate and respect those who hold a pov different then our own.

Morgan Spurlock, perhaps best known as the guy from the movie "Super Size Me" is creator, executive producer and sometimes participant of the program.

The website describes the show this way "The show examines social issues in America by immersing individuals in a life that requires them to "see the world through another's eyes..."

And that's what this show is all about. There seems to be two scenarios that play out. One is to simply live and experience a life different from your own for 30 days or It takes ordinary people who are passionate about something and puts them in a situation where they live with the "other side" for 30 days to see if by opening themselves up to understanding a different point of view then their own might allow or make them change their minds a little or a lot about what they believe in.

So far I've watched several episodes that include working in a West Virginia coal mine, a hunter/meat eater living with a vegan family active in PETA, living in a wheelchair, a woman against same sex couples adopting children out of foster care who lives with two gay men who have adopted 4 children, and a gun control advocate who spends 30 days living with a gun enthusiast and his son.

I think it is really important to challenge myself. Learning new things, always keeping my mind open enough to at least try to see both sides of any issue. I really think this show is a great exercise in tolerance and education and hope it stays on the air for a long, long time.

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