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Friday, July 4, 2008

Allure West Studios in The Bride & Bloom Magazine

Yesterday I spent a bit of time over at Santana Row with my friend and colleague Natalie Wi taking pictures and perusing the wedding magazines at Borders book store.

I was in need of a current head shot to submit to a website, for an upcoming podcast interview about my blog, so Natalie and I headed over to SR. There we found a couple of cute locations to take some pics: one with a cool painted wall, the other with a cute blue door. It turned out to be a little tricky. You're supposed to get a permit... We didn't have one... but it worked out ok.

So, after wrapping up shooting we stopped off at the Borders book store so Natalie could pick up a copy of The Bride & Bloom magazine because a picture she took for Gabby at Cake Coquette was featured in the latest issue. See it? The tiered, stripey cake her finger is pointing to?

She took that picture! Woo hoo! It's always fun to get a bit of press.

Natalie and her hubby, Jung, are a great husband and wife photography team that moved to the Bay Area from Washington D.C. where they started, and still maintain their first studio, Allure Photography. On the East Coast their company is well known in Washington D.C., New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. With the move of their headquarters to the San Francisco Bay Area they have opened a second studio location, Allure West Studios, that will soon be a featured company on The Flirty Guide.

Because I was sitting across the table from them I was able to snap this fun little picture. That's Jung leaning in to pose with Natalie at the BAWN Masqued Ball earlier this year held at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in the Merchants Exchange Building in downtown San Francisco.

They are an incredible couple as nice as they are talented which is great for the lucky brides and grooms who hire them.
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

As a foot note, one of the reasons I love Santana Row is because aside from it's killer restaurants like Strait's Cafe, Pizza Antiqa, The Counter, Sino and Cocola bakery, the very cool V Bar Lounge and neat shops like Maido, Paper Source and Anthropologie, it's VERY pet friendly with many of the stores allowing, well behaved, dogs inside and lots of restaurants with patio seating that are dog friendly.

Here are some pictures of my dog Kitai (aka Cutest Dog Ever) on his most recent visit to the mall.

So sleepy...

I gotta take a nap...

Hey did someone say cookie?

OK I'm wide awake now!


  1. haha that was morgan last weekend outside of california bistro. :D passed out on the side walk like a side of meat.. how embarrassing :). at one point he even flipped on his back with his tummy in the air.

  2. It's amazing how they can just drop and sleep anywhere like that. I'm always worried he might get stepped on but he doesn't seem to mind. I can just picture Morgan sprawled out on his back. He's so cute!

  3. Critsey told me that you are going to be on the audiopodcast too! Can't wait to hear about your blog! =)

  4. Hi Evonne,

    I am going to be on their show! I'm really excited about it. It'll be my first podcast ever!


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