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Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Big Best Wedding Blogs Announcement!

Some of you are so on top of this site I have to say I was shocked that so many people had noticed a major redesign I launched two days ago.

It's so hard for me to believe that almost a year ago I could count on one hand the number of Northern California wedding professionals who had started blogs. What a difference a year makes! Add to that that bloggers internationally have not only found the site but are submitting their blogs for consideration. It's so amazing!

Due to the quickly spreading popularity of the blog directory, I had accumulated well over 140 links on the home page. Now those in the know, know that Google frowns upon more then 100 links per page so necessity called for a redesign of the site.

I felt the best way to proceed was to split the California, National and International listings onto their own separate pages. So each category is now represented on the home page with the graphic tiles that alternate each time someone views the page.

The viewer can then click on the "View More Blogs" buttons to, you got it, view more blogs. LOL

I've also added a single horizontal banner to the top of each page. This space is not for sale at this time. Someday it might be but for now I just wanted to come up with a way to thank certain bloggers who have helped the website or inspired me in any one of a number of special ways by giving them an extra feature opportunity.

And I've finally developed the rest of the tutorial pages!

Some are complete while others have a brief intro into the topic. I'll continue to work on these updating as new information becomes available to me.

I actually received an email today from a new blogger asking a couple of really good questions. I'll go ahead and post both the questions and answers I receive from readers into the appropriate categories as an informal FAQ of sorts.

Again, unfortunately I am only familiar with Blogger, so those of you who have questions about Typepad and Wordpress might be out of luck. I actually know a few bloggers who use them though so maybe they can help field some questions if any of you Typepad or Wordpress users contact me.

Recently I did remove a few blogs due to lack of posting, so if you were on the site and notice your site is gone now, simply start posting again then contact me to be re-added to the directory.

I'll also be meeting with my Chief Technical Officer to figure out if he can write me a super cool program that will allow the top or most recent posters to somehow be recognized as such on the lists. That's a work in progress at the moment but I'll update here if we come up with a good idea. 

Thanks to all who have submitted their blogs and thanks in general for being such great bloggers!


  1. I saw the new redesign last night and I love it! Great job, Stacie! =)

  2. Redesign looks great!

    Thanks for putting together such a great resource site,


  3. Looks awesome!!

    Thanks Stacie!

    Your the best!!

  4. YAY! Glad everyone likes it so far :D

    I'm actually working on another wedding blog directory... Hopefully I'll be able to launch it soon. The two will differ in this way:

    Best Wedding Blogs will be for small owner operated companies that specialize in a particular service. If they offer a product it needs to be customizable or couture quality, particularly featuring designers who make by hand, the products they offer.

    The new site will allow larger companies with lots of employees, franchises or those who resell (ready made products)... to post their blogs there.

    Both types of companies have some great blogs out there but I'd like to keep them on two separate lists moving forward.

  5. That's such a great idea, Stacie... can't wait to see them all!

  6. Thanks Evonne. It's really amazing how quickly word is spreading about the site necessitating the need for the additional site.


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