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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Following my Passion

Believe it or not I don't like going to the mall. I think my aversion comes from the 10 years I spent working in retail sales first for three years at the Limited and almost 7 years at Nordstrom. That's a lot of Panda Express for lunch, aching feet and dings in my car doors out in the parking lot. Whatever the reason, I rarely go to shopping malls preferring instead to frequent small, owner operated boutiques when I need to buy almost anything. This is my favorite: Simply Smashing in Downtown Campbell.

Last week I stopped in just to say hello to the owner as I was walking though downtown. But then I spotted these bracelets.

Of course I had to have one. The hardest part was choosing which one to get. I seriously wanted one of each. I had narrowed it down to "Follow Your Passion" and "Be True to Yourself." In the end FYP won... But I may just have to go back to get the other one too.

Check out the super cute colors... I think these would be cute bridesmaid gifts. Not for the wedding but just for fun.

If you've never been to Downtown Campbell you should go. Sundays are great because they have their weekly farmer's market on Sunday mornings. Monday is a bad day to go as most of the shops are closed. My fav places to eat downtown are Aqui and Twist Cafe. There's a new Gelato shop that looks fantabulous right next to where Satura Cakes will be opening soon. Mmmmmm I can't wait for Satura Cakes! You can keep up with the latest events there on the SocialWave.net website.

If you're interested in some fun girly shopping Simply Smashing Boutique is located at:

241-B E. Campbell Ave. Campbell, CA 95008


11:00am - 7:00pm

11:00am - 6:00pm

Most Sundays
10ish - 5ish

Mondays & After Hours by appointment or chance


  1. The bracelet and the inspirational words fit you perfectly! I'll have to check out that store since I'm seriously 2 minutes away. I can't wait until Satura Cakes is open too. I still have yet to go. I never went to the one in Hawaii either, but I hear all good things about the bakery. Finally a good pastry shop!!! :)

  2. Hey Diane,

    Let me know when you go! I'll meet you there if I'm free. We could even do lunch and catch up a bit. There are a lot of great restaurants within walking distance of the boutique.

    Of course none of them make sandwiches as good as your husbands. But I'm sure we could find something :D

  3. I love little boutiques too as they have very unique items, such as the bracelets that you featured. Those are truly inspirational. I'll have to check out the store when I come back in town to visit! =)

  4. Evonne,

    Please let me know if you have time to get together the next time you are in town!

    Thanks for dropping by :D

  5. I will definitely let you know, Stacie. Can't wait to meet you in person! One of our friends just got engaged and he lives in South Bay, so we'll absolutely be back some time next year for his wedding... hopefully in Spring.

  6. I have been there too and picked up one of these 'simply smashing' bracelets. Mine says 'Dream Big." I love it!!! It reminds me to stay up late and keep working, because just as my head starts to fall over my keyboard, I see it, am reminded of my dream and keep on going! It's cute and fun to wear too.

  7. LOL Chatty Girl,

    I think what I really need are two more bracelets. One that says:

    Go to Sleep

    And the other should say:

    Eat Lunch


  8. SERIOUSLY you definitely need those two bracelets for sure! :) Not sure they would sell like hotcakes, but they'd definitely get one buyer.


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