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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'll admit it: I'm jealous of Critsey Rowe

OK, as much as I love my own first date love story... You know, the one where because I had taken off a few years from dating I kept rejecting my future hubby every month (for 4 consecutive months) when he would ask me out to coffee? Refusing to go to coffee or tea with him, telling him he was too young, trying to set him up with one of my girlfriends so that he would leave me alone, then telling him outright I wasn't interested in dating him. So romantic right? I know. I swoon every time I think about it.

So even though our first date love story is one that makes people laugh? I have to admit that I have a bad case of first date envy.

Photo courtesy of: Destination Wedding Photographer Critsey Rowe

A while back I was chatting on the phone with the ever fabulous Critsey Rowe when I learned that she and her husband had their first date... Where? In Paris! And no I don't mean Paris, Texas or any of the other 9 or more cities named Paris in the U.S. And I reeeeeeeeally don't mean the fake Paris in Las Vegas. I don't care how much "like" Paris people tell me the Bellagio is, I'm sure it's a gorgeous and wonderful hotel but it will NEVER be the real deal. So back to the Paris I love: Paris, France.

This is my favorite photo I took at the Louvre

I can't even imagine how magical a first date would be in Paris. That's why I'm jealous of Critsey. I think it would be the most romantic thing ever to go on your first date with your future husband, in Paris. On the upside instead of coffee our first date was dinner at The Left Bank at Santana Row. LOL Close enough I guess...

But back to the real Paris, I was there for a week in 2000 and even though I was basically alone it was the most romantic place I'd ever been. In truth I felt a bit like Carrie Bradshaw from that episode of SATC where she decides she's in love, and NYC is her date. Well I felt the same way about Paris. My love affair was with the city, the art, the architecture, the people and the food. I didn't need a man to fall in love with while I was there. The city was more then enough to bliss me out.

And I have to say that every moment I was there the people were positively charming to me. I'd learned a bit of French, enough to be polite like, bonjour, bonsoir, Monsieur, Madame, merci, and s'il vous plaĆ®t. I perfected them and always, always, greeted every person I spoke to with bonjour and bonsoir before saying anything else. And every person I spoke to in Paris spoke English to me. And I had the most wonderful time ever.

French Pastries, in France, from my first trip to Paris in 2000

Not to sound completely superficial, though it would have been, looking back I bet if my hubby had asked me to a Perrier and pastry in Paris instead of coffee in Cupertino? I might have said yes the first time. Might have :P

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  1. just wanted to let you know i put a little link love up on 122rollcall for the best bridal blogs. thanks for all you do!

    i'll also put a link up to your blog in a couple weeks.


  2. I know... a first date in Paris (as in Paris, France)! How many lucky gals get to do that? I am jealous of Critsey too! =)

  3. LOL I had to post these... These are the comments I've received from some friends who have read this post:

    1. Damn, we had our first date at the Tavern, that's not very exciting, is it?

    2. I don't really remember where our first date was. I remember the first time we went out together, but I'm not sure it was actually considered a "date" at the time... didn't go into it thinking it was, at least. So I remember that, but then not anything after that.

    3. We knew each other for 15 years before we got together. Our first date was a hotel room.

    4. I don't remember my first date with my husband. I know I meant him at the shore.

    So yeah, hands down, it's not just me :P A lot of my friends are jealous of Critsey too LOL

  4. Hey! I'm jealous of Critsey, too!! But not about the whole Paris thing, BTDT! (tee hee)- I'm jealous because she is just TOO fabulous for words AND her images make me swoon!

    2000??? You haven't been to Paris in almost a decade! I'm thinking a trip may be in order, tout de suite!


  5. Hi Kim!

    We are planning to come to Paris as part of our honeymoon. We just don't know when that will be. We were thinking this fall but may wait until next spring. I'm so looking forward to it but honestly... Is it wrong for me to want to ditch my hubby on our honeymoon? I want to linger in museums and I know he won't have the patience for that. I'm negotiating we spend every other day apart and just have breakfast and dinner together on my museum days. That way I can linger and he can go do something else. LOL >:D

  6. just wanted to let you know i put a little link love up on 122rollcall for the best bridal blogs. thanks for all you do!

    i'll also put a link up to your blog in a couple weeks.



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