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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Maybe I should have had the Cobblestone?

Have you ever been to Panera Bread? If you have, do you just love the Cobblestones? I do. But I try really hard not to have them too often. They're basically a cinnamon pull apart with raisins and bits of apples and frosting. Yeah, yummmmmmm. IMO They would make a great wedding favor. At least I'd love to get one as a wedding favor. Wrapped in one of those shiny cellophane bags and tied with a cute bow? Just sayin' it might be something to think about...

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So the other day I was at Panera and was tempted to get a Cobblestone but with fortitude I said no. I've been trying to eat healthier and I'm pretty sure they aren't all that healthy. Here are the nutrition facts on the Panera website.

Part of the other reason I resisted was because I'd been craving having an ice cream Drumstick. So I didn't have the Cobblestone. I was even resisting having the Drumstick...

I had mentioned wanting one to my hubby the night before... Actually I (jokingly) asked him to go get me one at 7-11 as he was heading for bed at midnight.

Well unbeknownst to me my sweetie pie hubby went and bought me not one, but a whole ENTIRE box at the grocery store the next day. *Gasp, gasp, thud!* I found them in the freezer that night and ate the first one at around 1:00 am while I was up late working. The next day I had another after lunch and another after dinner. If you're counting that's 3 all in one day. Oh my gosh somebody stop me! The fourth and final Drumstick did make it to day two. Barely.

I have forbidden my hubby from buying me a whole box ever again. Maybe one cone per month. Only in the summertime. That would be ok. And I could have one Cobblestone a month during the winter. I could live with that. LOL

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