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Thursday, July 17, 2008

No Good Deed...

Years ago when I first started my blog I posted about the time I tried to do a good deed saving a wayward lizard from (almost certain) death and just as I was about to release him? He bit me. 

So the other night I was again trying to do a good deed by attending another food sort at the Food Bank to help do something good for my local community. My friend Patricia is the organizer of a small team that participates every few months. 

It works like this: You show up for 2 hours in the evening and walk, carry, bend, and lift pounds upon pounds of mostly canned foods and help separate and organize them into categories. I'll admit that part of the reason I like doing these food sorts is it's a great work out. It's like cardio, stretching and weight training all rolled into one. 

So there I was minding my own business, putting cans of fruit on the sorting table when all of  a sudden I felt a terrible pain in my right elbow. Not just a little tap... Nope this was more like the edge of a metal can being being slammed into me by a man not paying attention and nailing me just above the back of my elbow. Yeah, that's what it felt like. I could literally feel the can hit the bone. I think I even heard it go "thunk." I tried pushing through the pain and tried moving smaller loads of food but my poor elbow was really sore. I ended up leaving 15 minutes early. When I got home I used an old bag of frozen green peas as an ice pack. I mention they were old because then my elbow smelled like freezer burned green peas. LOL 

Anyways, I will be going back to volunteer at some point. Next time I think I might have to wear some of these. 

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