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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Say Cheese!

So, here are some of the pictures from the photo shoot, I mentioned in a previous blog post, that the talented Natalie Wi, of Allure West Studios, took of me the other day at Santana Row. Though they may be best known for their weddings, if you're ever in need of an oh so fab and snappy portrait? I would highly recommend Allure West Studios to take it for you.

I really like that this one is not a traditional pose

I happily posed for my pics because I knew Natalie's calm and friendly demeanor would make me feel comfortable, plus I wanted a current head shot to send in to The Wedding Planning Audiocast website that will be interviewing me later this month for their "Meet the Wedding Bloggers" feature. These were some of my favorites from the shoot.

I love the colors of the wall behind me...

I like my hair in this one. LOL

While I loved both having Natalie shoot me and the finished photos she took? In truth? I am very uncomfortable having my picture taken. I am also uncomfortable being on video or speaking in public. But they are things I seem to do fairly often for the sake of helping to market my businesses or to help promote causes important to me. Basically I suck it up and just do it. I always seem to manage ok and in the end I've always been glad I didn't let fear or discomfort hold me back.

For instance going to NYC to be on the TODAY show? Not my cup of tea. But I did it because I thought it might help inspire people to adopt their next pet from a shelter.

Being on HGTV? I did that to help spread the message of world peace...

The TODAY Show was in 2007 - HGTV was in 2004

Now back to how I am uncomfortable having my picture taken. In truth I kinda hate it. This is what happens when my hubby tries to take pictures of me for no reason...

I know, I'm really terrible... But look, even my dog didn't want to be photographed that day! Usually he's so cooperative and photogenic too...

I'm such a bad sport...

One of my fav moves: Hiding behind my hair...

A move I use less frequently: The Paparazzi Hand Block

I really don't know why I'm this way... Maybe it's because my dad used to take too many pictures of me when I was a little kid. Or maybe it's because my hubby is usually less then 3 feet away from me when he takes extreme close ups. *shudder* Nobody loves extreme close ups right? But I digress, I was saying I really don't know why I'm this way...

Oh, by the way, have you ever met my mom?



  1. great post! that parting shot is so darling! lol, indeed!

  2. Thanks Andrew! My mom is going to KILL me! :D

  3. So I talked to my mom on the phone today. She's cool with my posting her picture since I didn't show her face. Plus she seriously laughed out loud when I read her the comments I've received about this post here and by email today...

    1. "Your mum is so cute, Stacie! "

    2. "LOL @ your mom Stacie. That's hilarious!"

    3. "aww, she's so cute. i love her hair."

    4. "I love the pics you included at the end—funny shot of your mom:)"

    So she won't kill me. That's good because I've got a lot of stuff left to do with my life. In fact, I'm just getting started!


  4. hehe i was just gonna say, your mom is so cute! :D

  5. Stacie, you look beautiful! Those head shots are amazing!

  6. Thanks for the comments Victoria and Gabby!

    I'll direct my Mom to your comment Victoria. I think she was happy everyone thought the picture of her was cute and funny. Maybe you all will cure her of her life long aversion to having her picture taken. LOL

    Natalie did a really great job. I love that she found good angles of me to shoot that I didn't even know I had.


  7. Oh you are so funny, Stacie. I love the headshots that Natalie took. And you have beautiful hair and a lovely smile... you should be in front of the camera more often! I am sure Kitai will agree!

  8. This is SOOOO funny. I almost fell of my chair....

  9. Thanks Evonne and Jubilee!

    Evonne you don't know how right you are. Kitai would probably love to not be the one in front of the camera all of the time :D

    Funny thing is if you look through all of my digital photos of our little family? 80% are probably Kitai, 15% are my hubby and the cat and I are probably tied at 2.5% each. LOL


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