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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Unique Wedding Flowers by DK Designs

Photo by Cassandra Dieterle Photography

Photo courtesy of Lexi Mackenzie

Favor photo by Diane

When I first heard from Diane at DK Designs she had sent me an email asking if her blog could be added to Best Wedding Blogs. I clicked over to take a peek at her blog and was amazed when I saw what she does...

Her flowers? Are made of clay. With her own two hands. She makes all of these gorgeous flowers! When I read "clay" my assumption was "heavy" so imagine how surprised I was when I went to meet her and see her gorgeous flowers up close and in person only to discover they are in fact, light as air. OK, maybe as light as a marshmallow, but seriously? They hardly weigh anything!

Lei photo by Diane

Diane, an Accredited Deco Clay Craft Academy Instructor, is the newest addition to The Flirty Guide. She is a true artisan who, using CLAYCRAFT™ by DECO© Soft Clay, to create her flowers petal by petal. Her collection includes bridal bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, petite to cascading centerpieces and arrangements, cake flowers, favors, decorations, leis and hair accessories. Her gardenias? Are perfect for brides who are getting married outdoors on a hot summer day. No need to worry about fresh flowers pinned into an up do wilting or withering. Her gorgeous clay flower will stay fresh looking all day.

Centerpiece photo by Diane

And I know I'm just getting in line when it comes to being a fan of Diane's work. Even Martha Stewart couldn't resist inviting her to be on her show for an on camera demonstration.

Curious to learn how to make clay flowers and live in the Bay Area? Diane teaches classes. Or if DIY isn't your style but shopping is? You can visit her online store at Etsy.com.

Her TFG profile will be online next week. Until then you can see more of her work on her website at www.dkdesignshawaii.com

Photo Courtesy of Stewart Pinsky Photography

And a footnote to this post. While visiting Diane at her home, her very fun and personable husband, Michael, offered to make me lunch. Nice huh? I declined but the next thing I knew he again not only offered, but had already made a sandwich and was now tempting me by waving the plate back and forth in front of me while telling me what a great sandwich maker he is. LOL. Diane vouched for him so how could I say no? Diane and I split the sandwich, and it was really good. The best sandwich ever. He had toasted the bread and baited me by saying he also used Havarti cheese... Yummmmmm. Here is the sandwich. Geez just looking at it is making me hungry as I reminisce on it's sandwichie goodness :P


  1. Very beautiful and amazing work!! I can't believe how real they look. I will have to think of a way to use these perfectly petaled clay flowers in one of my designs. Love it!

  2. Thanks for the comments Lea and Arlene! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Diane is such a talent! I'll be posting updates of her future projects whenever she sends me photos :D

  3. Stacie - thank you for the really nice blog post! I LOVE what I do and I hope it shows. :) I look forward to hopefully working with your talented pool of Bay Area Wedding Professionals and share this great art form that is perfect for weddings with their brides!

    I'll definitely be sending you images of my work as I complete my slew of wedding orders... Can I take whatever you are taking so I can live off of 3-4 hours of sleep?

  4. LOL I don't think I'd recommend the 4 hours of sleep a night to anyone. But you sure can get a lot done if you can pull it off :D

    You're welcome for the post! Your work speaks for itself and I'm happy to share your beautiful flowers with the world here on the blog and on The Flirty Guide.

  5. Diane's work is amazing... and I can't wait to meet her this December when she comes out to Maui! =)


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