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Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Video Reflection • My Day as a Videographer's Assistant

Recently TFG videographer David Ethridge asked me if I would write a recommendation for his company A Video Reflection. I said "sure" I would but had to make a special request. Here's the thing: Even though I've known David for years and years and years? I've seen his work, have been to his office to see where and how he meets his clients and had always heard great things about him from his colleagues. But even knowing all of that? I had never actually seen him shoot. Had never seen him "at" work. So I suggested why don't I come on a shoot so that I could write a first hand recommendation for him that would be more meaningful. So a few weeks later I found myself up in San Francisco with him being his assistant for the day.

Here's David taking his first shot of the day.

I honestly don't know if I've ever seen such a beautiful day in San Francisco. The sky was blue, and the temperature was perfect with a gentle summer breeze that wasn't too cold or too warm.

With father and son team Brian and David Ethridge. And me, in the middle, as demurely dressed as you'll ever see me so as not to call any attention to myself. LOL very un-flirty but today was not about me and I didn't want to stand out at all. I ended up helping to move gowns and accessories around the bridal suite for the vignette photos and crawled behind a huge decorative screen to unplug a lamp cord that was in the way of one of the shots. But most importantly I carried the brides train, to keep it from getting dirty, when we stepped outside of the hotel for some out-and-about shooting down the street on the steps of Grace Cathedral.

WOW what a view! Here was the stunning cityscape from the bridal suite on the 23rd floor of the Fairmont Hotel. That's Coit Tower off in the distance.

In the bridal suite I was very impressed by the easy way David was able to interact with the bride, all of the bridesmaids, the 3 flower girls, relatives, friends of the family and the wedding photographer all at the same time. His presence was calming both in the way he moved and spoke which kept everybody in the room comfortable with his presence.

Though the lighting is not so great this is my favorite street shot I took of David "at work." Just beyond the tunnel, behind the bride and groom, was a fountain that I'm certain will show up beautifully on David's video even though it blew out in my snapshot.

David also took a turn holding the bride's train up so it wouldn't get dirty.

This is my second favorite shot of the day. If you look reeeeeeeeeally closely you will see David in the nearest, top right balcony, and directly beneath him? His son, also a professional videographer, Brian shooting the table below. Father and son working together. I love that.

Here is Brian getting some close up shots of the wedding cake before the guests arrived for the reception.

From every angle.

As I was leaving I saw the sun glistening off of the Transamerica building and stopped for one last photo. It, and my day being a videographer's assistant, was fantastic!

A huge special Thank You to Crystal Lequang from Amazae Special Events. She created a beautiful wedding for her clients that was flawlessly executed. From the big details like keeping everyone in the loop and happy, to the safety pins needed in the bridal suite and the sound check in the ballroom before the reception I could see she had EVERYTHING under control.

The bride and groom were sweet as can be, the bride's mom was particularly nice to me while I was up in the suite during the shoot. I'm so glad they had such a beautiful day for their wedding. Oh and one little city street wise tip? Parking up on California street runs $30 to $40 for less then three hours of parking! *Gasp, gasp, thud* But if you drive down about 5 blocks to park in the Sutter Street Garage you'll pay $14 for 6.5 hours instead. Of course you'll have to walk up two freakingly gargantuan hills that will knock the wind out of you and kill your legs but hey, saving $16 to $24 and getting a work out sounded like a great deal to me. Just make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes.

Visit A Video Reflection on The Flirty Guide
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  1. What a great idea and what a beautiful wedding you got to assist with! So if I ask you for a recommendation, you're going to come and learn how to make clay flowers?! LOL! I better watch what I say you might be really good... Then again if you are, maybe you'd like another job. LOL! :)

  2. LOL Diane,

    When I ever have some free time I'd love to sign up to take one of your classes! I can't imagine being able to make your beautiful flowers. I could totally see myself becoming addicted to flower making :D

  3. What a beautiful day in the city with no fog, no clouds and just plain sunshine! And if I ask you for a recommendation, would you fly out to Maui for a week and help me with the onsite for a day (and you can spend the rest of the week at the beach or the spa)? =)

  4. what a terrific way to spend the day - 1) to be in the city by the bay on a gorgeous day; 2) to capture memories of a newlywed's special day; 3) to be honored as a special assistant to the very best videographer in the industry. now that you've gotten your feet wet, perhaps you might want to bid on a silent auction item at the ISES gala this tuesday, july 29th to be "associate for a day" assisting me at a wedding of my choice? only difference is ... there's a price - but for a good cause! nice work, ms. tamaki. you always did wear many hats!!! - MUWAH!

  5. LOL Evonne, I just might come to Hawaii. In fact assisting for a day is looking more and more like becoming the final qualifying step for companies who want to join The Flirty Guide in the future. That way I can always give a first hand account of what each professional is like on a wedding day :D

    Plus I need a vacation like you wouldn't believe! Hawaii... Hmmmm, sounds great to me!

    Duncan I'll have to message you to find out if there are still tickets left for the ISES gala. Wow! Being your associate is an opportunity I bet a lot of wedding coordinators and event designers will be vying for :o)

  6. Orbie Pullen PhotographyJuly 28, 2008 at 12:40 PM

    David is the best! I bet you guys had a blast.

  7. Ok everyone, I would love to say Stacie was incredible on my day at the Fairmont. She blended in with everyone and had a blast. I heard she slept really good the next day too...LOL.

    Any person who would want to have 1st hand experience with her own vendors listed on her very creative website, shows a true love for what she does.

    Passion describes her interest of helping brides so, brides, spend a day on this website, its full of real people.

    Evonne, I love the Islands so, have camera will travel anytime.

    Duncan, you rock buddy!

  8. Hey Orbie! Thanks for dropping by! How's the scooter?

    Thanks again to you David for letting me tag-a-long. It was a really great experience and your clients could not have been sweeter people.

    It was an honor witnessing their marriage.

    I'm sure by this time next year I'll have lots of new experiences to blog about. In fact I was invited by another TFG professional to "assist" at another wedding this weekend :o)


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