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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weekend King & Being Geeky

Recently my friend Elisa Camahort from Blogher.com put together a group outing for a bunch of geeky types (my hubby and myself included) to head up to SF to see an independent movie she had heard about. The premise of the film "Weekend King" reads as follows on the IMDB website:

"Weekend King" is the story of Rupert Coleman, a Silicon Valley computer programmer who made a fortune in the dot com boom. Stuck in an unfulfilling job, Rupert discovers an internet story about a bankrupt town in Utah called New Spring. Rupert sets out to buy the town... "

Can you believe this pic is from my iPhone?

It's a sweet story, a love story to be exact. There are some very funny scenes and a great script. There were a few things in the script that I kind of got lost on but I really did like it. The acting was spot on. All in all I liked the movie. The guys I was with were hoping for more geeky moments but the secondary story line is about Rupert's love affair with an artist and that his best friend is an artist. Being an artistic creative type and a geeky type I think the overall plot appealed to me more then my super geek companions.

Here our friend Scott and I geeked out a bit as I attempted to take a photo of my popcorn with my iPhone. I could tell it was too dark in the theatre...

So Scott held up his iphone screen to my popcorn creating just enough light for me to take a much better photo. Scott's wife and my hubby were not as amused as Scott and I. We were really proud of our accomplishment. What would have been even cooler would have been if my hubby had taken a picture of Scott lighting the popcorn with his iphone, as I photographed the popcorn with my iPhone, on his iPhone. LOL

Fun times! Thanks to Elisa for setting this very fun outing up for all of us.


  1. And now that the iPhone App Store is live, there's an actual Flashlight program that turns the screen white, for maximum flashlight effectiveness. Useful!



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