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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dinner at Blue Sky Chinese Restaurant

The weather was odd tonight even sprinkling a bit as I walked my dog. The combination of sunset and clouds looked a bit eerie. My sweetie and I went out to dinner and tonight he said it was my choice. So I chose Blue Sky Chinese restaurant on Winchester Blvd. in San Jose. My favorite dish is the Chinese Chicken Salad. It's my fav. Here is a really striking shot from the car as we arrived at the restaurant and a couple of brightly lit sunset photos taken on our drive there. I just thought they were kind of pretty.

Blue Sky Chinese Restaurant
2028 Winchester Boulevard
Campbell, CA
(408) 378-0424


  1. Wow, the sunset with the clouds did look a bit eerie... but you are such a tease, Stacie. You know we have crappy Chinese food here on Maui and I am dying for some authentic Chinese cuisine! =p

  2. Hi Evonne,

    I didn't know there was a dirth of good Chinese food in Hawaii... The worst Chinese food I ever had was in Paris. But that's what I get for going to a Chinese restaurant, in Paris!

    Yeah the more I look at it the more I think it was weird. And odd that we were going to a restaurant called "blue sky" and the sky was almost every color but blue! LOL

  3. Hey! You went to Blue Sky without me? No fair! Maybe someday we'll double date. Me and the Missus live right around the corner, ya know...


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