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Friday, August 1, 2008

The Flirty Guide Loves Blogger Brides.com

Today I received an email submission for a new bridal blogging website to add to Best Wedding Blogs.com.
I have to say that it tickled me pink! Not because it was from Get Married the highly regarded and recognized tv show hosted by the extraordinary David Tutera that also just happens to have a swanky website that features the best of the best wedding professionals. Nope, what thrilled me more was the reflection of ethnic diversity on the Blogger Brides' home page banner above. 

As many of you know the inclusion of diversity is very important to me. When I have more time, I will continue to create more Flirty Brides of every ethnicity and body type. So far I've only had time to create two body types, 3 heights and 6 ethnicities. It's a concept that everyone is loving!

One step I have taken further is that now when I offer my business cards to people I let them choose between two so they can take the one they find more appealing:

The original Flirty Bride on the left and her new friend on the right.

I know consistency in branding is important. And I'm sure any marketing strategist would say NEVER have multiple logos for one company. But I think creating a positive message about diversity and inclusion is even more important then branding, so you will continue to see new Flirty Brides and Girls of all shapes, colors and sizes gracing the The Flirty Guide website, business cards and product line in the very near future.


  1. I personally think your idea to be versatile and have different flirty brides is a great idea. I know that every time I see one, I think... "That's Stacie's flirty girl or flirty bride."

    Congrats on getting contacted by Blogger Brides!

    I even noticed one of the blog posts had one of our Etsy Wedding Team member's egg nest ring pillow featured!

  2. I totally agree with you in regards to diversity! It's something I live by everyday since I worked at Wells Fargo in downtown SF. And to embrace that "motto", my entire bridal party was of different ethnic background - my maid of honor was African American, my matron of honor was Hawaiian, and my other 2 bridesmaids were Finnish and Puerto Rican! And here is a picture of us - http://tinyurl.com/5csqe5

  3. Ooooh that's cool that your team member's ring cushion is featured on the site Diane!

    Evonne I love your bridal party picture! IMO San Francisco is the epitome of diversity. A melting pot indeed. It makes for interesting conversations and a fantastic culinary experience :D


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