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Sunday, August 3, 2008

For those of you who worry about me...

Not eating lunch... This one's for you :D

This is the salad I usually eat for lunch when I join my hubby at the Apple cafeteria for our once a week Apple lunch. A spinach salad with poppy seed dressing. It is total yummers! I wish I could have one every day.

My other favorites at Apple are their made to order sushi and soba noodles with wakame seaweed and fresh spinach soup.

Alas I'm too busy? Lazy? Disinterested? Or maybe unmotivated is the right word, to go to the trouble of grocery shopping let alone preparing food. I've gotta figure something out though. I know it isn't healthy to skip breakfast and lunch and eat a humongous dinner instead... I have a dream of finding a professional sandwich maker, not the kind you plug in, more like an intern who comes by every day and drops a sandwich off at my front door at lunch time. 

My husband says he doesn't see that happening. But I'm an optimist. It could happen. Hmmmm but I think he's right. I may need to organize my time more effectively so that I make time to have lunch every day and not just once a week :D


  1. Well, my hubby said, he won't be your intern sandwich maker...SORRY! He did have a good laugh after I told him about your blog post.

    Glad to hear though that you get a good meal in when you go to Apple! :) You should consider going more often. LOL.

  2. LOL seriously? He doesn't want to make me lunch every day? I figured his full time job might have eliminated him as a potential intern. Guess I'll have to keep looikng :D

  3. Stacie, my hubby makes extra food every night, so that I have leftover for lunch the next day and I just heat it up in the microwave. It only takes 1:30 minutes! That definitely saves money and time!

  4. I keep asking my hubby to make lunch for me each day before he goes to work. LOL. It's never going to happen.

    Truth be told though he does have a full time job? I work way more hours per day then he does.

    I'm thinking going door to door in my neighborhood until I find a stay at home mom who makes lunch for her kids each day and offer to pay her to make one for me and drop it off on my porch at a set time each day. LOL.

    A girl can dream right?


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