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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Freeze Dried Bridal Bouquet... With a twist!

I would venture to guess that when Shanel's Flowers and Frames works with a bride 99.9% of the time it is after the wedding day:

1. Bride gets married.

2. Someone, a friend or family member, brings the bouquet to Shanel's the next day.

3. Shanel's freeze dries and frames the bouquet.

4. Bride returns from her honeymoon and picks up her bouquet.

So this was probably a twist. When Melany Moore, owner of Shanel's was requested to create an already freeze dried bouquet to be used at a wedding she said "No problem." Why start with freeze dried? Because the bride and groom were having a very casual destination wedding. One so casual they most likely wouldn't even bother with ordering a bouquet. So a well meaning friend who knew about their shop in Campbell, CA. dropped by to see if it would be possible to order a small, freeze dried, bridal bouquet that the bride could take on her trip to use for her ceremony.

The most challenging requirement was that the bouquet had to be small enough to fit into a box and into the bride's luggage. Not only did Melany say yes it could be done... Just look at that photo! The bouquet turned out perfectly. Petite with a little something blue to boot. And it was old and new all at the same time. Melany even went the extra step of adding in the delicate crystals and rhinestones set on wire. An added benefit to traveling with it? The bouquet probably weighed all of 2 ounces!

It was truly gorgeous. And the bride? The bride was thrilled. She actually teared up she was so surprised and so happy to have a bouquet for her wedding day. After the wedding she can even have it framed so that she can preserve and display it at the same time. Like their name says, that's what Shanel's does: Flowers and Frames.

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Shanels Flowers and Frames offers their services to both local brides and those who would like to ship their bouquets to their Campbell Showroom.

You can contact or meet with Melany at:

1865 Winchester Boulevard
Campbell, California 95008



  1. Thank you so much for this post, and just in time. I just got married, see August 2, 2008 blog by Stacie, and was scrambling for bouquet preservation. This is right around the corner from my house, how did I miss it? Well I went in and they have some great ideas for making a great presentation of your wedding day items and bouquet. You can put in your invitations, toasting flutes, save the dates, garter, headpieces, and much more. They are super friendly and really know their stuff. And if you are looking for gown preservation, they do that too and give you a discount if you do both. How can you beat a discount after all the wedding expenses. So thanks for the info at just the right time!

  2. What a fascinating idea.
    Those pictures are beautiful!!
    Thank you so much for clicking over and saying 'Hi'.
    This is a great thing you have going on here.


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