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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Eating Right • Getting Healthy

So this is it. I'm making a change. I've given up on my idea of ever finding a sandwich intern who will drop delicious sandwiches off at my door step each day at noon. Mostly because, if you can believe it, nobody ever applied for the job. So I went grocery shopping the other day because it's hard to eat, at all, when you never have food in your house. LOL.

So here's a peek at what's now in my fridge and cupboards. A little of this and a little of that. Fruits, veggies, grains, some protein sources, and some healthy snack options. Well kind of healthy. I'm sure there are healthier choices but also worse ones too. So far I've got myself on a new three normal meals a day schedule, as opposed to my one huge meal sometime between 5:00 and 10:00 pm schedule I'd been on for the past few years.

Until I set up for this photo I didn't realize that I'd become a fan of the "O" organics brand at Safeway. I've been into the organics movement since it first began. I've also always bought cage free eggs since they've been available. But have just today realized that there is a difference between "cage-free" and "free range" with "free range" being the more humane option for the laying hens themselves. I just found out about Glaum Egg Ranch which is a certified humane company and would love to begin purchasing their eggs the next time I buy some.

I've also done past posts about going vegetarian. For the most part I've become a part time vegetarian choosing to go meatless probably 3/4 or more of the time. I don't eat beef or pork by choice and don't eat shellfish or mollusks because I am allergic to them. That leaves fish and poultry as the two types of animal proteins I still consume on an occasional basis. Maybe one day I'll make the move to no animal protein at all but for now this way of slowly eliminating more and more is working for me. It's amazing how many restaurants now offer vegetarian and vegan options as standard menu choices here in California. It makes it easier to eat less meat for sure. I know not all areas of the country do this but it would seem more and more are moving that direction to offering at least an option or two.

For the most part I'd say my diet is a fusion of Macrobiotics and Dr Steven Pratt's Super Foods RX book. With the addition of a lot of dessert, because life is too short. I could die falling off of a 30 foot cliff in a car while not wearing a seat belt tomorrow. Then what good does depriving myself of foods I love for "health" concerns do me? That actually happened to me once, the falling off of a cliff in the dead of winter in Colorado high country. But I didn't die. Now that's a story. I'll share it with you some day soon.


  1. I've been thinking about going vegetarian for an entire week just to try it out. I know, I'm a wimp but I just adore all sorts of food (esp a big steak), so this would be a huge leap for me!

  2. Hi Steamy Kitchen,

    Thanks for the comment. Love your site! Those who love to cook should go take a peek.

    As for how to go vegetarian. For me it's been a process of giving one thing up at a time. I don't think I'd urge anyone to go cold turkey. Rather I'd suggest giving up one meat at a time. Like start with the pork or beef, the move to the other, then add one each month or every few months. As you do that try choosing one day per week to go vegetarian. The next month make it two days. Or you can choose to try every other meal. Or one meal a day meatless. Soon you'll realize that it's a fairly simple process of eating less or no meat, day by day.

    At the moment I'm also trying to get healthier so I've done my best to stop eating deep fried foods. That doesn't mean I don't eat french fries from time to time but I've really learned how to moderate and make healthier choices when better options present themselves.

    Anyways, back to your site... Your Salmon with Blackberry Brandy Sauce sounds sooooo good! And your recounting of your commitment to create a recipe is hilarious. I might just have to try that!



  3. You should also check out http://www.animalwelfareapproved.org for restaurants and grocers that sell food products from farms that practice the strictest animal welfare practices on their farms. I used to be vegan and I was amazed by how well the animals on these farms are treated.

  4. Thank you so much for that link! I have been taking baby steps to use more cruelty free products both in what I eat and what I use around the house.

    Though it's more expensive I have been using Aveada products for years because they don't conduct animal testing yet somehow are able to create a hair care line that isn't harmful to humans either. So what gives? Why are some companies still holding to the need for animal testing when more and more are finding it completely unnecessary?


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