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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Weddings at Villa Montalvo

Yesterday I attended another Bay Area Wedding Network event. The group formed by Gwen Helbush and Marie Rios is one of my favorites when it comes to getting together with industry colleagues, seeing great venues, eating wonderful food and catching up on what everyone has been up to. This month the BAWN event was a showcase at the Villa at the Montalvo Arts Center. While the center hosts both performance and visual arts of all types it also makes it's grounds and buildings available for weddings, private parties and corporate events.

The Villa located in Saratoga, CA.

The Love Temple where many couples take their vows.

Let's begin with the cake! LOL The bite size cakes and cupcakes were by Icing on the Cake located on Main street in downtown Los Gatos. This is the kind of dessert buffet that makes my heart go pitter patter when I walk into a room and see a beautiful display like the one above.

Perhaps the most clever of all? The adorable "I do" cupcakes are a specialty the bakery has been producing for the past year. Each cupcake has a real (faux) platinum engagement ring that peeks out of the top of each cupcake.

Is this the cutest or what?

The banana cake? Was AWESOME! I had two bite sized pieces :o) Oh happy day!

A view of the oval garden (on the upper terrace) where couples often have outdoor ceremonies.

This table was so gorgeous! With table covers by La Tavola Fine Linens and this beautiful floral arrangement by the Flower Divas made me drool. Actually it made me want to have a table exactly like this to eat breakfast at each morning. Not that I eat breakfast but I might if I had a table like this to sit at. LOL

Two great industry professionals, Jewel Savadelis of Savadelis Films and Christine Morrissey of National Gown Cleaners.

Gorgeous gowns were displayed by The Unique Bride, bridal salon located in Burlingame, CA.

Of note: Beginning in 2008 the salon is now under new ownership. When I heard in March that professional event coordinator Tosca Clark had purchased the salon I was thrilled both for her and for Bay Area brides. Her years of working in the wedding industry uniquely qualify her as someone who understands and appreciates the significance of what the experience of shopping for a bridal gown means to a bride. 

A gorgeous bouquet by Ingela's Flowers.

And I loved this feather, ribbon and wired crystal bouquet from The Unique Bride. 

This STUNNING orange orchid bouquet from Flower Affairs was absolutely gorgeous!

An inside view of the Love Temple which faces the Villa at the end of the long front lawn.

And another dessert buffet by Elegant Cheesecakes was filled with sweet treats. The green pistachio cake was delish!

A beautiful blue cake with large chocolate flowers by premiere cake maker: Elegant Cheesecakes.

Our guest presenter was the fabulous Jim Avila, a stylist of legendary talent, and his team of three associates. They spent the afternoon doing hair and make up demonstrations on many of my colleagues. Here he shows photographer Jeanne de Polo how simply pulling her hair back and away from her face gave her an instantly elegant new do. Jim said the most striking thing... That vanity is simply a form of self respect... Hmmmm I always thought that vanity for the sake of vanity was a negative thing. But he pointed out that to be willing to take 15-20 minutes out of one's day to look the best you can look is a sign that you respect and value who you are by being willing to take that kind of time for yourself. Good point.

Sitting behind me were Maria Chang from Professional Make Up Artistry and David Ethridge from A Video Reflection.

Lunch by Le Papillon (they cater both weddings and special events) was a special treat and Bartenders Unlimited provided the bar service for the afternoon. The Le Papillon buffet had something for everyone. It included pork, chicken, fish and a vegetarian entree. There was a shrimp salad and lobster hors d'Oeuvres but I couldn't eat those because I'm allergic. My fav entree was the vegetarian pasta... I can't remember what was in it but it was fantastic! And there was a wonderful puff pastry hors d'Oeuvres, I think with cheese and most definitely with white truffle oil. I've loved white truffle oil ever since learning how to make my all time favorite Brussels sprouts recipe. I should have taken a picture of the food but I was starving and we were kind of short on eating time because I had spent so much time talking to people... So I kinda forgot that some of you might have enjoyed seeing pictures of the food and thought only of myself as I went back for seconds on the pasta :o(


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. I love the dessert buffet! I would have loved to meet the Flower Divas (the owner had contacted me at one point after the MS Show and asked if she could take a couple of classes). I'm guessing after wedding season is over... :) Villa Montalvo is such a beautiful place to have a wedding. My brother considered it, but they went with the Ralston Mansion.

  2. This event was fun! The 'i do' cupcakes were very cute and worth the picture. Their cakes were yummy too!

  3. Those cupcakes look great!. Seems like it was a great get together.


  4. My favorite part of the day besides the amazing food was the look on Rhee Bevere's face when she was getting her makeover! Perhaps you managed to get a snap of that too?

  5. As my ex-boss at the supermarket used to say, "Why couldn't I have been born rich instead of so good looking?" Cheers!

  6. Hi Diane,

    I love the Flower Divas. They have always done beautiful work and the times we have had a mutual client I've only ever heard rave reviews about them. For your brother that must have been a difficult choice. Ralston Hall is gorgeous on the inside, but Villa Montalvo has the really beautiful grounds. I suppose you couldn't go wrong with either of them.

    Hey Chatty Girl,
    We should go to the bakery sometime just for fun and sample a few more items. They have a killer chocolate cupcake as I recall.

    Hi Ralph! Thanks for dropping by. I sent you an email this AM :D

    Ron Grandia I did not know you live around the corner from Blue Sky. OK I'm officially jealous. I would love to live off of a main street to a downtown as cute and quaint as Campbell. For sure we should get together for dinner sometime. I'll keep you posted on when the new Satura Cakes opens as well. I told Jenny I want to be first in line that morning!

  7. AHAU thanks for dropping by!

    Yeah, being rich does have certain advantages. The nice thing is that those who can afford weddings at Villa Montalvo are also supporting the art community at the same time. A nice little perk imo. Their website says: All rental fees paid in excess of $3,500 are considered a charitable donation to Montalvo Arts Center.

  8. As my ex-boss at the supermarket used to say, "Why couldn't I have been born rich instead of so good looking?" Cheers!

  9. My favorite part of the day besides the amazing food was the look on Rhee Bevere's face when she was getting her makeover! Perhaps you managed to get a snap of that too?


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