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Monday, September 22, 2008

Couture Boudoir Photography with Critsey Rowe

Hey Brides! Looking for a unique wedding gift for your sweetie? Or maybe a fun first anniversary gift? Here's a thought: Couture Boudoir Photography by Critesy Rowe. Due to popular demand Critsey has expanded her renowned international wedding photography to include a little something special for her brides.

To be honest I've always thought "No way" would I ever pose for boudoir photos... But after listening to Critsey's great audio podcast interview with Ralph Mucci on The Wedding Planning Audiocast, I have to say not only was the interview light hearted and amusing it demystified boudoir photography and made me realize that you can show a little or a lot... Basically you can dress to your own comfort level and Critsey will create images that capture your inner ooh la la!

From fun and flirty to ultra sexy, Critsey's photography is first and foremost very tasteful. For someone like me, who isn't naturally comfortable in front of a camera? A picture like this of just my legs? I could do that! Truthfully, actually walking in heels that high would make me feel uncomfortable (like I'm gonna trip and break my neck) but to sprawl out on a couch and prop up my legs like that? That's definitely within my comfort zone. LOL although my hubby wouldn't recognize me unless I also had my laptop on my lap... Hmmmmm maybe that's what I could be wearing... An Apple t-shirt and my MacBook Pro laptop... Ha ha... Oh he would LOVE that! 

On his show Ralph describes Critsey's style as "implied nudity." Even her sexiest images are sultry without being too revealing.

To view more of Critsey's work click on any of the links below:

Critsey on The Flirty Guide

Her new Couture Boudoir website

On her website www.CritseyRowe.com

On her BLOG


  1. I love Critsey's boudoir photos... they are very tastefully done although I am very shy and don't like to show a lot of flesh (maybe it's an Asian thing)! But I love your idea of showing the legs and plop the MacBook Pro on my lap as well. Maybe we can both do the same photo together? Hahaha... won't that be funny? I think my hubby will just roll his eyes!

  2. LOL when m hubby read the blog post he said "Oh Yeah!" so looks like I'll be booking a session with Critsey when she launches her international photography tour!


    That would be hilarious to get a whole group of geeky wedding insdustry women together with tanks, camisoles and t-shirts on top and only their laptops for bottoms. I'll have to see if she would have time for a group shot.

    You'd have to fly over to the mainland to be in it. Hmmmm or maybe all of us should come to you and go to Hawaii! That sounds more fun!

  3. That would be so fun, Stacie... I can totally fly back to SF, but I am sure all of your ladies would rather come to Hawaii. =)

    BTW, did you get my email about the dragronfly cake topper (more a desk topper for me)?

  4. Ok this is such a small world. The picture of the lady on the bed is one of friends from College that I haven't seen in years.

  5. Hi Ashley,

    It is amazing how small the world has become with the internet :D

    Thanks for dropping by!


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